Facebook has released an application Internet.org for developing countries

Facebook announced the launch of the application Internet.org for free access to certain services on the territory of countries with low internet penetration.

Facebook announced the launch of the application Internet.org for free access to certain services on the territory of countries with low internet penetration. At the moment it is only available in Zambia and for subscribers of Airtel.

Appendix Internet.org give access to some “basic” services within the country, in particular, to seek health information (on HIV disease, pregnancy, parenting and other), job search, weather, government information, the list of women’s rights, Wikipedia , search Google, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Access to some services provided in a restricted mode (for example, Facebook does not lose video). For information outside service subscribers of the operator will have to pay for data transfer.

Internet.org application available for Android and the web version. In the future, it will appear in other countries. Previously, Facebook provides access to the mobile version of the social network subscribers about 150 operators around the world (mainly in developing countries). It is noted that the application Internet.org – the first time that Facebook provides free access to social networks, along with other services.

Internet.org – Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative to increase Internet penetration in countries with low internet penetration. In particular, it is supposed to be implemented through a high-altitude drone work that will “give away” the Internet. To do this, Facebook has acquired British Aerospace Companies Ascenta.

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