Euro to dollar in the Forex market continues to fall

On Thursday, analysts Forex Roboforex company told reporters in "Forex News" magazine "Market Leader that the main currency pair Euro to dollar today is

On Thursday, analysts Forex Roboforex company told reporters in “Forex News” magazine “Market Leader that the main currency pair Euro to dollar today is not found reasons to continue yesterday morning ransom and returned to the sales decline. Moreover, against the background of statistics looks quite natural.

Although two days ago Forex participants predicted that the pair probably aimed at testing local peaks. And today, the Euro to dollar came under pressure again . And now, the players in the Forex market is not in a hurry with the transactions. “Too many factors are now playing against wanting to risk ” – Forex analysts explain .

According to the February report on business activity in the euro area slowed growth due to failures in France and uneven economic recovery in Germany. According to preliminary data indicator of business activity was 52.7 points, which was 0.2 points lower than in January. The experts Forex reminded that while PMI is above the ” breakwater ” 50 points , his current drawdown indicates quite significant heterogeneity of recreational activities in the region.

Forex analysts note that in the overall context of the report on the fall in consumer prices in France few people are surprised at the forex market. Statistics on Germany again came too multidirectional to consider it as a probable driver – Forex analysts .

The specialists Forex believe that you should pay attention to the components of European reports submitted by Markit Economics. For example, measuring the efficiency of the manufacturing and service sector composite index in February was 52.7 points, which was below the January 31 -month high of 0.2 points . Forecast of economists was 53.1 points .

With an increase in new orders received by firms in the euro area , employment in the sector remained unchanged . Because the company competed in the fight for customers selling prices this month recorded a 23rd consecutive monthly decline in prices . But at the same time commodity prices rose for the ninth consecutive month .

Purchasing Managers Index for the manufacturing sector also fell to 53 , down by 1 point against the January figure. The forecast was at 54.2 points .

“All this makes me think that the eurozone GDP report for the fourth quarter may still be reconsidered deterioration – too many strange signals gives economy Alliance” – sums up the company’s analysts Forex Roboforex.

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