As engineering technology and science will save the U.S.

With items mong best American universities are very popular sciences, engineering and technology , and science. So why thousands of students from around

With items mong best American universities are very popular sciences, engineering and technology , and science. So why thousands of students from around the world come to study these kiddle it in America?

Better than America

The highest number of Nobel Laureates in the USA (more than 300, the second place United Kingdom – More than 100 scientists). American universities also leading in the number of foreign students. Annually, more than 5,000 of Russia come to receive higher education is in this country.

The most popular subjects for the study of business and management, engineering sciences, mathematics, science , computer, social, and life sciences. America has long cemented its position in the education market, so many students go to study there without hesitation.

Two of the most attracting factor for students when choosing the U.S. – the possibility of obtaining grants, and the quality of education.

Of course, not get scholarships not every foreign student. Their percentage is small, about one-third will receive free education, and here a lot will depend on your level of training, knowledge, etc. But at the expense of the quality of education can not worry.

All major universities, with their American patriotism, interested in ensuring that their schools were the best in the world and the quality of education could clearly prove it.

Obama on natural sciences and engineering

In recent years, President Obama has paid much attention to education in their country. For example, last year, he announced the commitment to allocate more than $ 100 million on training 100,000 teachers of science and engineering in the next decade.

He also expressed the hope that in the next ten years an additional one million students have been educated in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. “When students do well in math and science, they help America to compete for the jobs and industries of the future.”

Since the government is interested in the development and without a good education, universities will continue to strengthen its position in the international education market. And the allocated money will purchase additional equipment, and improve the system of education in the natural sciences and engineering.

According to some analysts educational center global education market will shift towards Asia, primarily China. This country is now approached by the number of foreign students to America, the UK and France.

However, if this happens, it is sufficient in the long run, because all of the above mentioned indicators suggest that the U.S. will retain and maintain its leading position in the global higher education sector.

America’s best universities

After a survey of 1,500 respondents, journalists identified the top 5 best American institutions of higher education that are most in demand among students:

1) In the first place ranking publication Business Insider is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the ranking of Forbes he is on the 11th place in the ranking of a US News ranked 5th.

2) Next, Stanford University. Forbes accorded this university 3rd place in its ranking and US News endeared him to his place of 5 rating.

3) Then there is the famous Harvard University. He is on 3 ranking position Publishing BusinessInsider. But analysts Forbes put him on the 6th place, and here edition US News University determined to honor his first place ranking.

4) Yale University takes 4 string rating BusinessInsider, Forbes put him in 5th place, and publication US News – 3 bar of your own rating.

5) Despite the fact that the publication BusinessInsider determined Princeton University on the 5th place of the rating, Forbes US News and unanimously put school first.

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