Elementary: more men for Joan Watson

Somehow, creators of "elementary» (Elementary) decided that in life Dr. Watson (Lucy Liu) lacks strong handsome man.

Elementary: more men for Joan Watson

Somehow, creators of “elementary» (Elementary) decided that in life Dr. Watson (Lucy Liu) lacks strong handsome man. Not only that Joan always have to tinker with the eccentric Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller), so also in the third season was scheduled appearance as much as her two new boyfriends. As it turned out, the writers of the project is not going to stop there and ready to present to the audience a new potential love interest of heroine.

Elementary: more men for Joan Watson

As the portal EW, to work on the show joined Stuart Townsend, best known for the role of Dorian Gray “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Among other projects, the actor can distinguish the painting “Chaos Theory”, “The witness at the wedding,” “Head in the Clouds” and “Queen of the Damned.”

Recall that in the third season Watson tries to diversify its already not dull detective weekdays, laboring investigator in an international insurance company. According to the source, Townsend play director of this company and, accordingly, the chiefJoan.

“After Joan successfully cope with several tasks in the new job, the company wants to attract her to the staff. And when we first saw the hero Stuart, it turns out thatSherlock did not know anything about these plans, and now he was very concerned about the future of their partnership with Watson, “- said the producer of the series Robert Doherty.

With regard to a possible affair Joan c new boss, Rob gave the fans a show food for thought and space for imagination: “Have you seen Stuart Townsend? Yes, he’s played most of Dorian Gray, and it just can drive you mad! Details not tell, but he will not leave indifferent Joan. ”

According to the source, Townsend can be seen when the series returns to TV channel CBS after a break for the winter holidays.

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