Elementary, Joan Watson!

Lucy Liu will help CBS television network to remove the third season of the criminal detective thriller Elementary .

Elementary, Joan Watson!

Attention, news contains details of the plot of the second season! 

Lucy Liu will help CBS television network to remove the third season of the criminal detective thriller Elementary . According to the information portal TVLine, the actress will not only continue to perform the lead female role, but again and try yourself as a director of one or more of the series. 

Interesting fact: that Lucy has directed one of the most memorable episodes of the second season – “Yes darkness comes» (“Paint It Black”), which was warmly received by not only the audience but also the critics. Recall that in that series, her character Joan Watson was in danger due to the fault of Mycroft (Figure Evans).To save a colleague and friend, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and his brother are investigating the kidnapping list of customers of the Swiss bank. Incidentally, in this episode, we first learn about a secret affair with the British intelligence Mycroft. 

The third season of Elementary starts in late October.

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