Drew Nelson: “I was lucky to work with del Toro in The Strain “

In horror fans have a great opportunity once again to test your strength. New project Guillermo del Toro The Strain started at telekanale FX, and, apparently

Drew Nelson: "I was lucky to work with del Toro in The Strain "

In horror fans have a great opportunity once again to test your strength. New project Guillermo del Toro The Strain started at telekanale FX, and, apparently, the audience praise pilot. The creators promise an exciting plot, brilliant acting game and really scary story. 

Strain tells the story of a team of scientists who investigate a virus that turns humans into vampires. Drew Nelson, who played one of the main roles, spoke about his character and about what to expect from the project.

I’m waiting for the release of this series as a fan of the good old horror with genuinely creepy vampires.

I also enjoy it all. In addition, we emphasis on the biological changes a person infected with the virus. This is not a horror in its purest form and not just a thriller. Strain combines several aspects. Thus it will be interesting to fans of horror.

Exactly. And I also enjoy the struggle for survival.

I now know so many new things about survival! Useful, I must say, the information …

You can call yourself a horror fan?

I love working with them to try something new. And by the way, at one time, “The Exorcist” I was very scared, and I did not even watch the movie, but only heard Sounds of heroine …

What, in your opinion, distinguishes this project from similar genre and plot?

Action swirls around our show the real situation. We have a great team of writers and creatives. So great that the samples I was constantly asking myself, “They are not kidding me? It’s madness! “. And after I auditioned, did not leave me puzzled for months. The original story is very epic, and we try to adapt it so as not to lose this epic.

Apparently, we can expect a lot of action with a fair amount of bloody violence. Is there a scene that you particularly waiting for?

Of course, there are some quite horrific scenes, but I can not apply to this account.Be ready to Kill and impressive special effects that look incredibly realistic! But do not expect a lot of blood. First, we look at the situation from a scientific point of view and try to imagine that all this actually happens.

Drew Nelson: "I was lucky to work with del Toro in The Strain "

Grim looks very impressive, you have used any special tools?

I will not say [laughs] …

Then tell us about your character.

Matt – positive on all sides hero. He works as a manager and live a normal life.Loves Kelly (Natalie Brown), cares about her and her son Zach … So Matt manages to maintain sanity and practical view of things, when the events begin the most interesting way …

How do you deal with Guillermo?

Oh, it’s a unique experience! FX gave him, Chuck Hogan * and the whole team complete freedom of action. I am grateful to Guillermo for the fact that he chose me.He is not gloomy as you might think. On the contrary, he’s funny and open-minded person with a big heart …

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