Doogee Nova Y100x review

Summing up we can say that Doogee Nova Y100x is not outstanding in technical terms, has low productivity and is not suitable for those who like to play.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

This year Doogee surprising variety of its models. Doogee Nova Y100x this fashion smartphone with innovative solutions in design, but very simple specifications.

From this we can assume that the first thing he focused on those users who need a smartphone of its paramount functions (telephone, the internet), but the smartphone itself is not seen as a tool for work as well as a beautiful accessory complements the image. In my opinion, it is perfectly suited to teenagers or young people, as well as the beautiful half of humanity. Here worth noting that if you love to play on your phone in cool games, then you’d better look at each model because the performance of a smartphone at an early level. In this model, the main thing – it’s designed.

Desing Doogee Nova Y100x

Consider all the details and start with the packaging and bundling. Box with quality printing made from cardboard perfectly protects the contents during shipment.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

On the back side shows the main specifications. On one of the sides posted reminder that before using the need to remove the protective tape from the battery.

Even taking into account the budgetary cost of the complete set can be called max. In addition to the smartphone box, charger, and USB cable, you will also find useful accessories: 2 protective on the screen, one of which is already glued to the glass, headset handsfree for talking and listening to music and plastic cover – Bumper. There is also a small user manual in English.

Battery charger with European plug according to the information on the label is able to charge a maximum current of 700 mA. With USB tester, I checked the current, which was even more than the stated amount. 1A virtually throughout the charging process, with the fall of the current at the end of charging.

Headset with built-in microphone and button for taking reset call is well suited for conversations, the sound is dominated by mid-range frequencies. For music is better to use other headphones, you can use any standard audio jack.

The bumper is made of transparent plastic, sits firmly on the phone, protecting the body from abrasions. In addition, it can protect the screen and, because of the angle slightly protrude from the screen, thereby avoiding contact with the surface when falling to the ground glass down.

Go to the look Doogee Nova Y100x. And in truth, an excellent design. The body is made from high-quality plastic coating – gloss. The black color looks great, but at the same time, such a surface collects fingerprints well. The white color, they are not noticeable. Yet the black version looks more stylish. Black plastic is combined with metallic accents: chrome frame around the perimeter of the housing metal earpiece ring around the back of the camera and the logo – look harmonious. The smartphone looks expensive and is of interest to others.

In the lower part, there are touch buttons. Unfortunately LED illumination – no. At the top of the earpiece, front camera, and LED compensate for poor lighting conditions. For full flash does not pull, and a sense of self to do in the dark. It is useful to others: often even in bright sunny weather pictures are bright in the background, with the closest object goes dark. Remember the pictures of the sea, especially against the sun. So LED can slightly improve the situation highlighting the closest object, and then the picture will be more balanced and your face will not be in the dark self-portrait.

Feature Doogee Nova Y100x

One of the interesting of Doogee Nova Y100x decisions was the decision maker to place the volume control buttons on the side of not, as in most models, and almost on the back cover. Thus, keeping the usual way a smartphone in his right hand conveniently adjust the volume of the index finger. But left-handers this decision is absolutely not suitable because the buttons are closed hand. The button lock is located in the usual place – the top right corner. Also located in the upper part of the headphone jack. But USB connector – at the bottom, which makes it comfortable to use your smartphone as a GPS navigator (powered by the cigarette lighter usually goes from the bottom).

The overall build quality – high, the smartphone does not squeak when squeezed, all the details fit perfectly, no backlash. The comfortable grip provides a rounded body. When used to keep handy phone tries to jump out of his hands.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

The back cover is securely held on the tabs below it, you can see the battery with a claimed capacity of 2200 mAh. I know from experience already that Doogee loves to exaggerate the capacity. It was not an exception and this smartphone. The first battery was tested with the help of USB tester: the phone is fully discharged (before disconnecting) I put it on charge. Charging occurred off to reduce the error. Current flows through the tester and at the end of the process I got a result in 1834 mAh. But a truer indication of how much battery can give, not take. Therefore, I also enlisted the assistance of Imax. I fully charged battery discharged current 0.5A. The result is even more modest 1730 mAh. True then the phone has managed to turn and showed 12% charge. Ie, in this case, we can talk about the battery capacity approximately equal to 1750 mAh. What this shows the capacity of the reality, as far as the charge – a little later.

Under the battery can be considered under the sim card slots. One standard size, format the second micro sim. There is also a memory card expansion slot micro sd, supported capacity – up to 64Gb.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

At the bottom, we see an impressive audio speaker. The sound is very loud, but the maximum volume is dominated by high frequencies. For everyday use, I do not set the volume to more than 60% – 70%, this is enough, even in noisy environments.

When you turn on the phone seeing a welcome logo. Immediately I draw your attention to the screen. Resolution 5 inch screen – HD, but the picture does not look grainy, and given the small capacity of the battery is probably even a plus, because it is less CPU and not so much said battery. The picture on the screen looks vivid, black enough deep, saturated colors. The display is made by the technology of OGS, except that the display is covered does not scratch glass 2,5D. Such glasses are gaining more and more popularity and now reached the public sector. The edges of the glass slightly rounded due to the scope of this smartphone visually appear smaller than they really are. Also, it has a positive effect on the angles that the smartphone is very high. Angled slightly decreases the brightness, but the colors are not affected and there is no inversion. Color temperature neutral with a slight deviation to the warm colors. In general, the screen is for the state – a very high quality.

Thanks to technology Doogee Nova Y100x lamination screen perform well in the sun. The stock of high brightness and maximum value, the text is visible even in direct sunlight. The minimum threshold of brightness for comfortable reading at night. It works well Auto Brightness, adapting the brightness level for the environment.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

Powered Doogee Nova Y100x operating system Android 5.0. Topic – non-standard, made by Doogee. Minimalistic icons, dark colors – in my opinion looks much more interesting sink theme.

There is a wireless update. At the time of the firmware is current.

One of the interesting additions – control using gestures and symbols. Now this can not be surprised, almost every Chinese phone have similar features. As there Hotknot – analog NFS.

Very Good working flashlight Doogee Nova Y100x. Bright LED provides a neutral white color, good illuminating space for a couple of meters. If you use a flashlight when the smartphone bumper gets an interesting glow effect.

The most interesting of Doogee Nova Y100x is – “software locks” that allow you to set a password on any application or function. And “Xender” with which you can transfer files between smartphones without the Internet (3G, WiFi) and Bluetooth. Files are transferred even large (music, video) by means of high-speed wireless protocols, the smartphone operates as a modem. The only condition – that on the receiving machine has also been installed Xender.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

Doogee Nova Y100x pleased with the quality of communication. The earpiece is very good, the interlocutor is heard clearly and loudly. WiFi signal confidently catches within the apartment, download speed, and high sensitivity. For the Internet outside the home is responsible 3G. Just pretty good running GPS. Generally MTK navigation has never been a strong point here as well be called the GPS navigation perfect. But the smartphone can help you out if necessary: searching for satellites takes less than two minutes, usually an active connection is 6 – 9 satellite positioning accuracy 4 – 6 meters. In reality, the navigation was tested using Navigator – claims to work there, according to the turns in time, the connection is not lost on the road.

We turn to productivity. Everything is very modest: last generation processor in conjunction with a video accelerator budget provide an appropriate level of the system. 1Gb of RAM is enough for comfortable viewing Internet pages. But fans play powerful games will be disappointed. Particularly powerful games will run on the minimum requirements, or even slow down. With the simple toys are not encumbered “heavy” graphics is no problem. In any case, Doogee Nova Y100x – smartphone not for gamers. Synthetic tests only confirm this. In Antutu very modest results – about 20 000 points.

I see no reason to spread the results of other tests because the platform has been studied far and wide. It is better to move on to the multimedia capabilities. First of all, I would like to mention a pretty good sound in the headphones, provided that the use of any more than complete. Complete good for conversations, but not for music, because the sound is dominated by mid-range frequencies. In my Sennheiser sound, it was quite deep with a strong bass. The sound is not perfect but perfect for the undemanding listener. Some moments are aligned with the equalizer. In the smartphone has a better sound system with headphones. There Fm receiver, the signal is within the city of good catches.

Doogee Nova Y100x review

The camera of Doogee Nova Y100x is declared at 8Mp. The quality of images – the average, some limping detail. But expect from a cheap smartphone more stupid, the more the whole picture turns out normally. The camera is best manifests itself at short distances, such as portraits. Focusing is fast, but not always accurately. When using manual focus, most images are clear. There is a mode HDR, which increases the clarity and detail of small objects. Somewhat worse than to take pictures over long distances, for example – landscapes. The sharpness of the image, especially at the edges decreases. But with Chinese macro shot devices traditionally cope perfectly well. At night, you can use the flash. Further examples of photos taken with the camera smartphone:

Videos Doogee Nova Y100x can be shot in Full HD quality at 30 frames per second, but the detail is low – interpolation is used. In my opinion the native resolution for video – HD. Will look as well, but the place to hold the rollers will be less.

Verdict Doogee Nova Y100x

Doogee Nova Y100x review

Finally, a little bit more about autonomy Doogee Nova Y100x. The real capacity of the battery, we have already learned at the beginning of the review, and how smart manifests itself in your life? If you use a smartphone as a phone + a bit of internet, the charge lasts an average of 4 days. But the smartphone is called “smart phone” because its functionality is not limited to calls. In my usual way, (some phone calls, a lot of the Internet, sometimes music + photo, mail) battery lasts for 2 days. A more active use, as well as if you play – you can easily put a battery and a light day. Another example: the videos on the average brightness and volume played on the smartphone for about 6 hours.

Summing up we can say that Doogee Nova Y100x is not outstanding in technical terms, has low productivity and is not suitable for those who like to play. But its main advantages are low price, elegant design, and good 2,5D screen.

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