Devon Bostick: “My hero – a good guy”

Attention! The interview may contain spoilers!  Devon Bostick, who plays Jasper in the new fiction series channel CW «hundred» (The 100), told the fans

Attention! The interview may contain spoilers! 

Devon Bostick, who plays Jasper in the new fiction series channel CW «hundred» (The 100), told the fans show the unexpected salvation of the writers of his character (at the original to the authors, he had to die in the pilot) and the immediate future of teenagers on a dead Earth. 

Nice, probably know that the producers of the series is your game so much that they literally returned from the dead hero?

I was really very excited, though tormented guesses about how scriptwriters are going to save Jasper. I was so pleased to be able to star in the pilot. “Hundred” – chic series … And when it became clear that they want to return to my character, I was ecstatic. Although my hero and had to lie for a few episodes.

While Jasper – the only one who had at least some contact with the mysterious Terrans. Does he have left memories of this interaction?

I think not. After all, he was unconscious after it threw a spear. I think in general aJasper did not come up to the scene in the third episode, where he wakes up and asks whiskey. Should be in the next episode we learn more about the dangers that keeps Earth.

What can you tell about the Earthlings?

Our heroes left Earth about a hundred years ago. Since then, they thought that life on the planet left. Now it became clear that they were wrong, but they know – these people (if they are, of course, all those are) very dangerous.


But danger lurks inside the camp and adolescents. Should at least remember a time when Wells was brutally murdered innocent little Charlotte!

Next episode just tells about capital punishment and reaction to the death of Wells.Each character will ask themselves the question of the legality of such violence on another human being. In the camp there are no customary laws and rules that it resembles the novel “Lord of the Flies.” Storm is brewing inside the base, but the heroes have to quickly solve their internal problems to cope with the dangers of the outside world.

It seems with every episode of “The Hundred” gets increasingly dark tone. First attack on Jasper, then killing Wells, and now you’re talking about capital. You suspect that everything will be so tough when he took over the role?

Murphy's Law

Suspected. All this was a vision of Jason Rothenberg, and everyone knew what kind of atmosphere he wants to bring to the show. So I like that the pilot turned so innocent and calm. But I know what happens when children are left unattended.Yes, and the science fiction genre allows for adverse outcomes and unexpected plot twists. Kill the next character is always shocking, but it’s time to get used to it already. In the future, everything will be even more severe. But I’m still glad to be part of this show, which seems to me to change the tone of the entire channel CW.

Let’s change the subject and talk about something optimistic, such as Jasper and Octavia.

I love their relationship. Jasper Driver is doing everything to attract the attention ofthe Octavia. He literally fascinated by it, and how stupid boy rushes into dangerous situations just to impress her. Fortunately, he survived, and they face a lot of interesting scenes together ..

Fans are also interested in friendship and Jasper Monti. What awaits these characters?

Happening in the world so much that the drama in their relationship is inevitable.

That the fact that fans will see a new episode of “Murphy’s Law» * (“Murphy’s Law”), inspires you the most?

This episode – one of my favorites. The camp began to form political parties.Everyone is trying to understand how to relate to the murder of another person, and how to punish the guilty. There are laws, though they are not all right … It will be cool and dark, and scary. Some viewers when watching this series may want to look away from the screen.

Devon, if you were in a situation of his hero, for whom would you go? Clark or Bellamy?

I’m in the team Clark, that’s for sure. She is able to think ahead, worried about the survival of mankind and making every effort to contribute to this survival. InBellamy’s a great story, but he shot the Chancellor down to earth only to raise teenagers on the revolution. And my hero – a good guy. He wants peace and love.These are hard to find in the world …

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