Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor

Monitor Dell S2417DG was created expressly with the focus on the game and the one who is involved in this process that understands the requirements

Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor

In recent years, many vendors are releasing the game Soup, as is already clear to everyone – the market is our usual desktop computers gradually die and are only gamers, to which you want to navigate. The Company began to produce gaming monitors, but not all of them could really be called a game. Just imagine – IPS matrix with 8 ms response matrix! And this monitor even for shooters recommend.

Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor

Another thing – Monitor Dell S2417DG was created expressly with the focus on the game and the one who is involved in this process that understands the requirements of the players to iron. Alternatively, the engineers decided to simply listen to the users and to release that suits them the most. So today we’ll talk about Dell monitor as a product that is ideal for gamers. Not for the designer, photographer or anyone else, and it is for the gamer who wants to get the most from your PC in a virtual world.

Dell S2417DG: Specifications

To begin with, the interests of users than most – diagonal and resolution. The display Dell S2417DG has a diagonal of 24 inches, which is enough to game problems, and the resolution is 2560 by 1440 pixels. It is worth noting that this is only slightly above FullHD performance and even the average computer monitor will suffice for this, it is not 4K with huge demands.

Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor

Display Matrix is built on TN and this may disappoint many technologies. But, in fact, such a matrix is ideal for gaming – the viewing angles even bad, but when you are in the shooter game looks the same right, and not at an angle. But here the frame rate is 165 Hz, this is simply gorgeous to shooters, and the response time of the matrix is 1 ms. Again, for the shooter, and indeed for any active toys, this is the best indicator of the market and you will immediately notice the difference between the IPS with a huge response time matrix.

Dell S2417DG: Design

In terms of the appearance of the company decided on its standards do not deviate at all. Stand is made in the corporate style, it is very stable and interesting to look at the table, monitor Dell S2417DG mounting leg fairly thick, there is a slot for cable management, make it look beautiful. The monitor was a small symmetrical frame around the display, the bottom has a plastic die with all the right keys. It is worth noting that the monitor can be rotated 90 degrees – a special mount gives the possibility.

Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor

Dell S2417DG: Features

We were pleased with the support of NVIDIA Gsync technology that allows you to synchronize the frames on the graphics card and monitor. If we follow each pixel in the display, then let it be at a high enough level. Flag stands and four-port USB 3.0, which will allow you to be connected as a removable media and gaming peripherals, if there is no space on the motherboard or the front of your computer. Of course, for connection to a computer monitor Dell S2417DG has HDMI 1.4 ports and DP 1.2, any VGA monitor to this anymore. The technology is outdated, not to transmit the image to this resolution and, therefore, make sense to set it either.

Dell S2417DG review ideal gaming monitor


The gaming monitors, as they are called developers have always been some strange things that spoil the whole picture. For example, let the monitors in the 60 hertz or matrix reaction time excessively large, and this is the product for this gamer, there should be no delay. The new Dell S2417DG all just fine – quality display, good features for the most high-end games, plenty of pleasant things, strict and attractive design, low cost for this type of product.

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