Del Toro: “Nature itself is terrible!”

At a press conference at the festival Comic-Con, Guillermo del Toro and his colleagues talked about their plans for the series The Strain and its heroes.

Del Toro: "Nature itself is terrible!"

Possible spoilers! 

At a press conference at the festival Comic-Con, Guillermo del Toro and his colleagues talked about their plans for the series The Strain and its heroes. The hall was packed to capacity … 

The series tells the story of how the head of the New York Center for Disease Control Gudvezeru Ephraim and his colleagues have to contend with a strange outbreak of the virus, came to America from Europe in an aircraft filled with seemingly dead passengers. Come into play and other forces as well, “earth”, and otherworldly, and Gudvezer understands that the situation is complicated … 

The series, produced by Carlton Cuse are, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan,is based on the trilogy written by Del Toro and Hogan. The premiere of “strains” onthe 13th of July and attracted around 3 million viewers. 

When the press conference del Toro was asked who was the inspiration for the creation of such vile worms, director admitted that his “source of inspiration” – human parasites, heartworms, which he learned from the thesis of his wife: “This ishorror. So we fit. “ Building on the theme of “nightmare taken from life,” del Toro said: “Nature, boys, To get as scary in itself!”. 

Del Toro: "Nature itself is terrible!"
For del Toro is very important that the project was certainly represented his native Latin American culture. Mia Maestro was chosen for the role of Dr. Martinez. “She is from Latin America, as I am. We both know what it is – do not be like all. So I thought that Nora might be the complete opposite of Ephraim Gudvezeru (Corey Stoll), “- said the director. Mia she sees her character as follows: “She has a sixth sense, the same woman’s intuition. She first guessed that Setrakian is something that can shed some light on what is happening. “ 

It is also known that the first director is planning to introduce the hero Miguel Gomez as a generic thug, but intends to gradually overcome the stereotypes and make this character deeper and more dynamic. Series creator admits that yesterday’s teenager Gus – one of his favorite characters: “You’ll see a celebration on his street. He’s really interesting, because it is constantly evolving. This guy has become a real hero. “ 

Del Toro: "Nature itself is terrible!"

Corey Stoll happy with his role, his character is also internally growing and changing. According to the actor, reading the books, he was vpechalen Ephraim Gudvezerom. 

We also learned that someone from the audience will see the actors in an unusual role. Sean Astin hero, guilty in the appearance of vampires in New York – a vivid example. “We thought it would be cool if this one is well well-known” sidekick “and” comrade “suddenly turns traitor, such as:” The Ring, Mr. Frodo? What ring? I did not know that you have it. “ In that spirit here is … “, – joked Guillermo. 

In their ’72 David Bradley plays not “grandfather-God dandelion”: the screen turns a real shooter with his participation. The actor said the show almost a godsend: “At first I thought it was a mistake. I am so glad that I have to play as an energetic character, “- says Bradley admits that he likes the story line of Abraham Setrakianand his backstory. A Cuse said: “We did not plan to make him sort of white, fluffy, and the wise old man. We wanted to make him a daredevil. “ 

But what about the main antagonists of the people? Del Toro has admitted that he was a vampire in a sense, “to you”: “In general, the genre of vampire movies I have not particularly inserts. Therefore, before I did not touch him. “ 

Del Toro: "Nature itself is terrible!"

“I think vampires are not so bad. People have long believed themselves masters of the earth, but look what they did to her! And now it’s time vampires, that’s all … “- adds David Semel, one of the directors of the project. 

Plans for the creators of “strains” have not changed: they told me that they intend to release five seasons, the first of which consists of 13 episodes and accommodates the entire first book. The second and third books will be divided into two parts each – to create the next four seasons. 

TV channel FX has not made ​​any official statements on the extension of the series for a second season, but it seems a matter of time.

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