David Duchovny: “Hank Moody has not changed”

Possible spoilers! Actor David Duchovny shared his thoughts on the series finale Californication, which since 2007 had the leading role - greedy for women

Possible spoilers! 

Actor David Duchovny shared his thoughts on the series finale Californication, which since 2007 had the leading role – greedy for women and alcohol writer hedonist Hank Moody. 

Comparing the work of this project with the filming of “The X-Files» (The X-Files),he said: “When the show ended The X-Files, I was ready to try something new. I felt that I must move on, and did not allow myself to indulge in nostalgia. Now, when it came time to say goodbye to Californication, it worries me. If I say that the whole crew – my family, it will be just a cliché. But I’m a little sad to leave people to whom I returned every year. “ 

Patrick Ecclesine shoots Californication

Duchovny said that his approach to the role of Hank has not changed, despite the fact that the seventh season was the last. Responding to a question about whether it will be possible to return the hero Karen, the love of his life, the actor said: “This guy is, in fact, remained the same as it was before. When I asked Tom Kapinoscreator of the series, which is actually the show, he said: “What if you first got the right to love and messed up? How can I return it and whether it is possible at all? Will they be able to live long and happy? “”. 


Answer this question, the audience did not get so far. Hank and Karen have repeatedly tried to start with a clean sheet, but repeatedly failed. When the end of the sixth season of their daughter went to a literary pilgrimage, Karen wondered not whether Beck the sole reason that these two people had to maintain a relationship? 

“Hank always said that holds them together is not only Beck – says David. – I think he knew that he really wants one, Karen. In general, he is honest with himself, the world, women and the family. However, it often takes the wrong decisions, guided by the “right” reasons. But he was always a clear idea of what he wants really. Now the only question that can do this for himself, and that Karen is ready to go. “ 


However, these issues are likely to interfere again. This time the game will take a woman from the past Hank. Heather Graham heroine not only become a hindrance between the two main characters, but also revolutionize life dumbfounded Moodyupside down. Meanwhile, he will need to keep the brand new job. He almost made a vow to behave properly and even to be punctual. He will also have to find a common language with the new important person in his life – producer Rick Rath (Michael Imperioli). 

“Every year we are working on a new storyline familiar life Hank – says Duchovny. –Now that person is Rick. Hank for this work – easy, because it is not serious to her concerns. But all this – part comedic stories about a guy who wants to be a great artist, but always finds himself involved in some kind of nonsense. “ 


On the most burning question – whether waiting for Hank and Karen happy ending –David Duchovny responded very evasive. “Tom Kapinos – a sentimental person, and the show does not look like such at first glance. However, the relationship of this pair for us has always been a kind of climax. Feelings in Californication – a priority. I think that the series finale will be faithful to its spirit. “

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