The creators of “Constantine” promise surprises

Showrunner series "Constantine» (Constantine), David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone told about the work of fantasy horror channel NBC, about his plans for the

The creators of "Constantine" promise surprises

Showrunner series “Constantine» (Constantine), David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone told about the work of fantasy horror channel NBC, about his plans for the first season and the surprises that await viewers in the coming episodes. 

As far as the spirit of the original series of comics?

Daniel Cerone: In working on the show, we actively use storylines graphic novelsHellblazer. In the fourth series of screens will be moved to an interesting story, which is familiar to fans of Constantine. Hopefully, this episode will be the best illustration of what style we try to adhere to.

The creators of "Constantine" promise surprises

David S. Goyer: Lovers of comics about John Constantine ahead will find many pleasant surprises. We carefully treat the original and try to keep not only the mood of graphic novels, but the nature of the main characters.

Is it difficult to build a story around a series of such controversial hero?

David S. Goyer: I think that the character created by Matt Ryan is consistent with the original image of Constantine. Do not forget that John is at war, and so he often has to get their hands dirty. Viewers must understand that every decision he is bound to have serious consequences for him.

The creators of "Constantine" promise surprises

Daniel Cerone, John is forced to sacrifice much for the sake of achieving the ultimate goal. All who are with him, a great risk. For the salvation of mankindConstantine is ready to go to extreme measures, even in respect of people close to him.

David S. Goyer: Ending the fourth series will serve as a perfect proof that the show is very different from most of the projects of similar subjects.

Hard to maintain the dark atmosphere of the series to air channels?

Daniel Cerone: We showed leadership NBC finished material, and they said that we can go even further and do not limit yourself to censorship framework.

David S. Goyer: It’s not just about the level of violence on the screen. I am proud that we are able to most accurately display complex characters of the heroes of the comic book. In the matter of character development, we try to focus on the quality of cable TV channels.

Will John get along with Manny?

Daniel Cerone: NBC Bosses were interesting themes of guilt and remorse, as well as the opposition of heaven and hell. In the comics, John often raises these issues through internal monologue, but the show Manny gives us the opportunity to add another voice.

David S. Goyer: With Manny we also fails from time to time to ask the question of why God allows good people to place the tragedy and misfortune. Now the angel and occultist often bang their heads, but the twelfth series of relationships has changed dramatically.

Daniel Cerone: The work on the history of Manny, I drew inspiration from the painting “Wings of Desire”. Angels lived among the people since time immemorial, but had no opportunity to realize all your strength. Needless to say that after hundreds of years, many of them disillusioned with life on earth.

David S. Goyer: We do not stipulate the exact date of arrival of Manny’s on the ground but decided that he was here before the Great Flood. He has seen most of the key events in human history. Also, he could see with his own eyes what the Almighty is able to humans. All this could not affect his outlook.

The creators of "Constantine" promise surprises

Who of cult hero comic book series is expected in the near future?

David S. Goyer: In the first thirteen episodes, we will present the audience of several popular heroes of the universe DC. In this case we will not expand the cast of the series from the beginning, so that viewers do not read comics, do not lose the thread of the narrative. We do not want to add the characters familiar to fans exclusively as easter eggs. Jim Corrigan, for example, successfully fit into the story of a mysterious murder investigation. Curiously, Emmett Scanlan, who plays Jim,was originally one of the main candidates for the role of Constantine. We promised the actor to invite him to our show in the future.

Daniel Cerone: However, he will not only guest on one episode. Papa Midnite andCorrigan will appear on screen in several episodes of the first season.

David S. Goyer: In the near future should not expect a Swamp Thing, because it is being very difficult to show in the framework of the television series. We would require tens of millions of dollars on computer graphics. But if the “Constantine”renewed for a second season, we will think about how to move a character on the screen.

As far as the incident in Newcastle important for the whole story? *

Daniel Cerone: It plays a central role in the comics, and therefore will be a landmark event in our series. The team consisted of John five or six people, one of whom was played by Jeremy Richie Davis. In the pilot episode, viewers could see what impact this tragedy has had on him and John. We plan often show people from the past Constantine. One of them will become an exorcist friend Gary Lester. We needed a flamboyant actor for the role of Lester and Matt advised to call for Jonjo O’Neill sample.

David S. Goyer: Ryan O’Neal and were neighbors and worked together in the theater of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Daniel Cerone: Jonjo not too well known to the general public. Besides, he had many rivals in the fight for the role of Lester, but the management of the channel he liked the most. It will be interesting to see how happy together old friends.

How relations develop Constantine and Zed?

David S. Goyer: Do Zed interesting backstory and lots of skeletons in the closet.She always goes against the rules and is great John.

Daniel Cerone: Constantine – a skillful liar and a master of manipulation, but Zed easily reveals his tricks. Helps her unique ability to obtain information from subjects who comes to her in the form of images or signals. Between such companions definitely have chemistry.

David S. Goyer: Konstantin behind a whole series of not very successful novels. We will give our viewers Zed and the opportunity to meet with a couple of his former girlfriends. These scenes are particularly funny.

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