Creator Flappy Bird released a new version of the game with multiplayer

Vietnamese Dong Ha Nguyen, in early February, decided to remove the popular game Flappy Bird from all app stores, has released a new

Flappy Bird

Vietnamese Dong Ha Nguyen, in early February, decided to remove the popular game Flappy Bird from all app stores, has released a new version of the project for the console Amazon Fire TV. It is reported by CNET 

The new game is called Dong Flappy Birds Family and went for STB Amazon Fire TV first of August. Its main difference from the original has become a local multiplayer mode (split screen) for two players.

It is to them and explained the unusual choice of platforms: Amazon Fire TV owners can fight with each other on your TV using a standard controller and the included remote control as controllers that smartphones and tablets difficult to implement.

The very mechanics of the game are also comprehended small changes.For example, in the way of birds there are additional obstacles in the form of either a jellyfish, or one-eyed ghosts, and the main characters become somewhat.

The reason for the February removal games were letters addressed to users of creation: because of its complexity and addictiveness project called aggression in humans, as well as create problems for them to work and study.

Nguyen could not stand the pressure, removed the game from its App Store and Google Play, giving rise to hundreds of parodies and outright copies Flappy Bird. At that time, it brought the author of about 50 thousand dollars a day.

After removal of the universal obsession only intensified project: smartphones with installed Flappy Bird began to sell for thousands of dollars, and his version of the game released even the creators of Angry Birds.

In late March, Nguyen changed his mind about the game and said that the lighter version for playing multiplayer Flappy Bird back in August.

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