Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

Asus showed a couple of interesting models, one of which competes well with the laptop from Apple. Asus Zenbook 3. I remembered the MacBook rival with

Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

You know, that’s saying that Apple is not the same, but still the company still sets the pace in certain areas. For example, after the appearance of the 12-inch MacBook other manufacturers also intensified and began to produce competition for him, here and Asus showed a couple of interesting models, one of which competes well with the laptop from Apple.

Asus Zenbook 3

I remembered the MacBook rival with him and begin. In size model looks quite impressive when you take it in your hand, then it seems as if in the hands of a laptop and a simple plate, wow-effect of the purchase of such a device is unique.

Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

Of course, there is an excellent screen with ultra-high resolution (approximately 2880×1600 points) and thin frame. When I photographed this laptop with me a funny story happened. I wanted to close the browser window and click on the appropriate button on the display several times, but nothing happened. It turns out that the screen is in the model, though the glossy, but not touch, That’s it.

Responsible for the performance Intel Core i7, RAM up to 16 GB in maximum configuration and capacity of SSD – 512 GB. Interestingly, in this model, cooler still, it is true, its thickness – only 3 mm! Well, it’s impressive, in my opinion.

The notebook supports QuickCharge technology and is charged at 60% for 49 minutes.

Separately, the large size of the keys, which are almost full-length. At first sight it is difficult to judge, therefore, leave the assessment of the keyboard to a full review. By the way, pay attention to the upper right corner of the touchpad, there is a fingerprint scanner – a thing, of course, useful.

Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

According connectors decided to copy Apple and left only Type C and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

As usual, the sale will be several versions of the laptop. Minimum 256 GB of internal, 4 GB of RAM and Intel Core i5 processor will set you back $ 1,000, and the maximum on the Core i7, with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB internal memory (SSD) will cost $ 2000.

Asus Transformer Pro

The new transformer is interesting above all additional modules that can be connected to it. But first things first. The device uses a 12.6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 3: 2 and key connectors (USB, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3), although the emphasis is on the universal Type C connector.

Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

Particularly amused with the card module GTX1080. No, seriously, it’s very funny when next to a laptop is almost a full-fledged PC, judging by the size. I do not understand, which may be needed such an addon that is much easier to engage in self-assembly of this computer.

Computex 2016. Asus Transformer and robot Zenbo

Sam transformer seemed to me not very interesting, yet I prefer the traditional laptops, and Microsoft Surface experience shows that most of the other customers too.

Asus Zenboo

The final touch was the presentation of the robot assistant Zenbo. Slides were told it would help your grandparents how to teach children how to become an indispensable companion for you. To be honest, it looked like a very vague description, but Asus have prepared an excellent introductory movie. Must see it to understand what will be discussed further.

Perhaps the main advantage Zenbo that this robot has turned out nice. He’s like a little kid, which can be moved endlessly. I think this way of making robots more attractive to buy, and also allows him to forgive the possible flaws in the work.

But seriously, I have the impression after watching the movie, like in Asus invented a kind of Siri on wheels. Home sales Zenbo unknown, but we already know the price, it will be $ 600. What do you think, are willing to pay so much for the intelligent assistant, or not?


The official beginning of the exhibition today, be sure to visit us in the evening to check out the new articles. In the comments I would like to see your thoughts and novelties especially Zenbo, painfully curious how you, dear readers, will react to this announcement.

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