Computex 2016. Asus new products

Computex is traditionally one of the key exhibitions for the Asus, so do not be surprised that we go out is the fourth article about the company. I will say

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Computex is traditionally one of the key exhibitions for the Asus, so do not be surprised that we go out is the fourth article about the company. I will say even more so tomorrow I will go to their design center, and possibly even a fifth will be released. Generally, once the mentioned exhibition itself, I would note that the Asus in this and most interesting stand, the rest mostly show games new items or components for them. Well, let’s go.


In addition to the new class the Zenbook, the company showed several new products, but because they are some ordinary dedicate each one just a couple of paragraphs.

Asus ZenBook UX510. Update firm’s flagship line. Among the features highlight UHD-resolution graphics card GTX 960m, a good set of ports and a pleasant design.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Asus ZenBook Flip UX560UQ / UX. 15.6-inch notebook with a rotating 360-degree screen. It is noteworthy that this is basically a nice model: high resolution, IPS-matrix, many ports, a decent performance. A good version of a home laptop, in my opinion.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Asus ZenBook Flip UX360CA. More compact and slim model, this has been achieved through the use of Intel Core M and the complete abandonment of the fans. It feels very nice in hand and looks great. Other characteristics also did not disappoint, although I would like to see here a complete HDMI. However, its absence – a sacrifice for the sake of a lesser thickness. Other parameters are also at a decent level, you can look at the specs below.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Asus ZenBook Flip UX360UA. For those who like the 13-inch laptops, but who are not willing to sacrifice performance for the sake of subtlety, there is a more powerful model to full-fledged Intel Core i7. However, the “bonus” it added, and cooler and increased thickness.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Smart House

Part of the Asus stand was dedicated to smart home. In fact, there is an imitation of this room has been made, if you do not look natural, it is certainly clear.

Thus, the main “base” for the smart home looks like. It is connected to other sensors and controls their work, you can also manage them using a special application.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Let’s start with an intelligent lock. In it, in addition to a conventional key, there is a special area of ​​its opening with the help of the NFC. On the stand she just dabbed the clock to the lock to open the door, but if I understand correctly, you can use two-factor authentication with a key and NFC.

Smart outlet can be switched on / off according to a schedule or using the same mobile application.

Also, if the device supports API Asus smart home, it can be included in the ecosystem. For example, if the temperature and humidity sensor captures high rates, then turn on the air conditioner or fan at a given temperature / speed, and turns off when lowered.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

There are special sensors that secure the opening of the window from the outside and sends a signal to a speaker with a siren.

In general, the whole system on paper looks just fine, but in fact you need a very large number of compatible appliances to smart home began to be in any way effective.

Portable Monitor Asus MB169C + with USB Type C

The idea of ​​a portable monitor for a long time sitting in my head, this is largely due to the habit to work for a normal keyboard at an angle, which may not always provide a laptop. However, for my needs would be more tablet came with a stand, like Microsoft Surface, but it’s a little offtopic.

Computex 2016. Asus new products

Home monitor from Asus charm is that it is connected via USB Type C and all. That is, you do not need an additional charging cable, power supply via USB monitor for missing work, plus it also transmits the image.

When I asked the staff at the stand, who directed this model, they cited the example of two scenarios: the first – a presentation, when you need something to show to the client, it is important to have access to your computer, and the second – programmers, who often sometimes you need a second monitor in a vertical orientation. I remember that even among our readers were those who talked about this need.

And there was also a number of next-generation prototype, it is thinner, lighter, more expensive, and will only appear in the fourth quarter.


For Asus Computex – one of the key exhibitions, which is why the company is showing the maximum number of new products and other vendors are not as active, however, they are also periods of mass announcements, just not during Computex.

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