Computex 2014. Acer Aspire Switch 10 – first look

One of the most successful for Acer tablets last year - a model of Acer Iconia Tab W510, it is not surprising that the company decided to make a sequel of

One of the most successful for Acer tablets last year – a model of Acer Iconia Tab W510, it is not surprising that the company decided to make a sequel of this device. Despite the change of membership of a series and the name of the new Acer Aspire Switch 10 can be considered is a direct continuation of Iconia Tab W510, the same diagonal, again platform Intel, full Windows 8, as well as a detachable keyboard unit. Opportunity to meet with a novelty in New York I did not have, so talk about it under Articles for Computex, moreover, despite the past month since the announcement Aspire Switch 10 is no less interesting.

The main part of the device – in fact, a tablet with a 10” screen based on Windows. The keyboard is attached to the plate by means of two magnets, the mechanical latch, as in the previous models, was avoided. Fixing, judging by the first impression is quite reliable, but hardly on the overall reliability over time it beats the mechanical. Set the plate on the keyboard can be two ways – screen to the keyboard to get a classic laptop screen or in the opposite direction. Thus we will be able to put the entire structure in a comfortable position to watch the video.

Dimensions of the tablet are quite typical for a ten models. Weight, in my opinion, is also acceptable, the tablet does not seem too difficult, even when you hold it with one hand.

Weight of the tablet with the keyboard attached – 1.17 kg.

In the “packaged” condition rib plate serves as a support so that, despite the fact that the device itself weighs more than a keyboard, the entire structure is firmly placed on the table during operation, there is no fear that the screen suddenly outweigh.

Keyboard, in my opinion, comfortable, yes, the keys could be bigger, but we’re talking about 10”, and data size button sizes are quite reasonable. Separate keys, move a short but clear, no complaints. The touchpad is relatively large, as much as it allows space keyboard unit again.

Separately want to note the design of the tablet. Yes, Acer’s products can hardly be called a standard design (except S7 series of laptops and Ultrabook S3), but Switch 10 engineers managed with total ease of body, its form, create a recognizable thing. Mostly plastic body, but if the keyboard and side of the tablet is made of ordinary plastic, the “back” of the tablet – from textured aluminum. Externally, it’s like a paint brush daubed with paint metal surface to the touch – about the same. In short, it looks unusual, interesting and unusual. The company said that the back of the tablet manufacturing technology used nanopechatnoy lithography (NIL or Nano-Imprint Lithography). That’s what tells us about the technology “Wikipedia”, just in case:

Technology designed to transfer the image nanostructures or electronic circuit on the coated substrate and coating deformation including stamp followed by etching of the deformed coating on the substrate and the formation of nanostructures or electronic circuit elements.

On the tablet are connectors for memory card microSD, microUSB, microHDMI, 3,5 mm mini-jack connector for the charger and the microphone hole. On the keypad has one standard USB-connector for various peripherals, mouse, or drives.

Tablet is built on the platform Intel Atom (Bay Trail-T, Z3745, x64) with a quad 1.3 GHz processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM and Intel HD Graphics graphics and 32/64 GB of flash memory for system and user files. Also, the tablet will be available with the keyboard, which is placed inside the hard drive to 500 GB. From the arrangement of the keyboard in the housing of the additional battery unfortunately decided to withdraw, and so that the main battery is located within a single housing.

Diagonal touch screen – 10.1”, resolution – 1366×768 pixels, using IPS-matrix screen with no air gap, whereby the image is perceived as if there is no protective glass. The screen quality is good, the maximum viewing angles, there is a decent supply of brightness, resolution of small, how to be funny as it may sound, not even by the standards of tablets and smartphones by the standards. Laptop same, and so, in the first place, it is necessary to consider this device, resolution is quite and comfortable working. Pros low resolution also evident – the higher speed and lower (compared with FullHD and above models) power consumption.

The tablet runs on Windows 8.1, there is a Metro mode and classic Windows-interface.Use the latter without a mouse connected to the plate a little tricky, but once you get used, it is possible.

In general, Acer Aspire Switch 10 proposing nothing new on the market, there is no innovation, cutting-edge technologies and other beloved by marketers phrases that easily form the texts of press releases, making any promise us another novelty of the future. On the other hand, Switch 10 offers everything you need for work and looks as usual “workhorse” is very good: high-quality display, discreet body of gray plastic (again, a practical solution), to be connected with a comfortable keyboard and touchpad buttons, optional 500 GB hard disk.

In the sale of the tablet comes in mid-June, that is, very soon. The cost of the basic version (keyboard it is also included) will be in Russia 17 990 rubles.

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