Compare smartphones LG L90 and LG G2 mini

Package Includes: Phone Battery (included LG L90) Power Adapter with USB-cable Warranty Card Introduction After getting on the smartphone LG L90 review I

Package Includes:

  • Phone
  • Battery (included LG L90)
  • Power Adapter with USB-cable
  • Warranty Card


After getting on the smartphone LG L90 review I wanted to write a detailed text on this device, but the more dug into it, the more I realized that L90 is not much different from the mini-version of the flagship unit of LG – G2 mini. Actually, so the idea just to compare them. Furthermore, at the moment potential buyers are in thought: overpay for G2 mini or buy less expensive L90, as also trying to figure out who is better in value for money.

Below you can see videosravnenie. It does not reveal all the details, however, highlights were shown and announced.

Design, size, controls

Both devices have the same form factor: the rectangular case with slightly rounded corners. If you look closely, the angles are more gentle in the LG G2 mini, top and bottom of a little rise. Similarly executed backside: LG L90 in more angular face, and LG G2 mini they gradually move to the ends. Personally, I like the design of L90.

Despite the fact that both are made of plastic white and gray colors, hues still vary. For example, in LG L90 white color close to that of milk, ie it contains a warm tone. Gray border in LG G2 mini more contrasty, moreover, it is made under the brushed metal and plastic L90 semigloss, without the effect of the metal.

Cover LG G2 mini less rough than cover LG L90. Subjectively felt pleasant yet socket in L90, moreover, in the hands of fewer slips.

Dimensions gadgets about the same:

  • LG G2 mini – 129x66x9.99 mm
  • LG L90 – 131h66h9, 65 mm

Despite the slight difference in size in hand, I feel that LG L90 little thinner, though a bit longer. Weight LG G2 mini – 121 grams, the weight of LG L90 – 124 grams.

Voice speaker LG G2 mini located under the “ceiling” in LG L90 – between the upper face and the northern part of the screen. In my opinion, the volume of both speakers equally high, they have excellent clarity and pleasant timbre. You hear too well. Echo and the other outside sounds are absent. At maximum volume the speakers do not rattle.

Next is the front camera and proximity sensor. Oddly, neither in LG L90, nor LG G2 mini no light sensors. Strange, considering that even in the cheapest Android-powered devices are present.

In LG L90 below the screen are touch-sensitive buttons: “Back”, “Home”, “Menu” and change simkarty. If the day you can see them well, the night will be a problem, as there is no button illumination. In LG G2 mini buttons onscreen.

At LG G2 mini speaker is at the bottom and to the right – the microphone disguised as Speaker. In LG L90 rear speaker. I think a better solution is still in G2 mini, and it looks interesting. IR transmitters, 3.5 mm connectors and second microphones are about the same on top.

Volume buttons and power traditionally performed in the apparatus L90, while in G2 mini them on the back side. Comment this decision will not, because your opinion expressed in the review of LG G2 mini.

The rear cover is removed on both gadgets poddevaniya by the recessed micro-USB. In normal use LG L90 miniSIM-cards (right), and LG G2 mini – microSIM-card slot of a left one to the right. I think that now it is more practical to use “mikrosimki” because if you have, for example, LG G2 or any Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, iPhone 4/4S, you can remove the “simkarty” and insert it in LG G2 mini. C on the other hand, if you are using a old LG G2 mini push button phone, you have to go to the office to change miniSIM on microSIM.

And in the L90, and G2 mini has a slot for memory cards microSD.

If summarize in appearance, it is closer to me LG L90. He’s better in the hand, less slippery, slightly more successful ergonomic design, I would say that it is a classic.


Initially it seemed to me that the screens of smartphones identical in all respects, but as it turned out, I was wrong. But first things first.

Diagonal displays LG G2 mini and LG L90 same – at 4.7 inches, resolution, too – 540×960 pixels. Frames are different: they are a little more L90 – 13 bottom, 12 top, 3.5 mm to the right and to the left; in G2 mini – 13.5/10 and 3.5 mm.

In a review of LG G2 mini I wrote:

“But the most surprising to me was that in the G2 mini no oleophobic coating. Fingerprints cover the entire display area, forming a white coating. Moreover, unlike in G2 G2 mini, finger across the screen slides very bad, I would say that it is extremely bad. Sometimes could not even answer the phone (swipe button admission), because the screen is covered with a thin coating. And it’s not dirty hands. Spots appear immediately as soon as you remove the factory film “.

Unfortunately, LG L90 same picture may worse.

Despite the fact that both devices are used IPS-matrix, they are of varying quality.

Brightness: it is higher for LG G2 mini (pictured left / bottom), but the black color turns to dark blue.

Color reproduction: it seemed to me that the right angle better behaved screen LG L90 (pictured right) – more saturation, more pleasant picture.

Angles: they clearly more in the machine LG G2 mini (pictured left / bottom). In the event the screen colors become LG L90 is a strong yellow color, then purple, moreover, sharply reduced brightness.

Black color is better on screen LG L90, screen LG G2 mini glow seen much.

White: probably better on screen LG G2 mini, as the on-screen LG L90 is closer to gray.

Total: L90 has the worst screen viewing angles and white, but a richer picture; G2 mini screen has the worst black, but viewing angles, high brightness, correct white.

Anti-reflective coating is slightly better on the LG G2 mini.

Naturally, all of the above is a very personal experience.

The settings “Display» LG L90 «sawed” select “Print Screen Area” – take a picture of the entire screen.


In LG G2 mini uses a removable lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery capacity 2440 mAh, 9.3 Wh, model – BL-59UH. In LG L90 – also a removable lithium-ion (Li-Ion), but larger capacity – 2540 mAh, 9.7 Wh, model BL-54SH.

According to official data, in the standby mode LG G2 mini will run for 797 hours, talk time – up to 22 hours. Official data on LG L90 not.

During the test, I got the following indicators (LG G2 mini / LG L90):

  • Playing HD-video (720p, H.264) for maximum brightness and volume the sound output on the headphones: a little more than 5 hours / approximately 6.5 hours
  • Playing music on headphones at maximum volume: a little over 35 hours / about 50 hours
  • Only games (high brightness and volume): up to 3 hours / up to 3.5 hours
  • Only Wi-Fi-surfing (high brightness): about 12 hours / slightly less than 15 hours

On average P2 mini worked about 15 hours (brightness – 30 – 100), L90 about 19 hours: 15-20 minutes a day, sending 20 text messages, 5-7 hours of surfing the internet (3G-connection).

Probably from the devices would be squeezed even more, but it was too gluttonous chipset.

Communication features

In this section, there are some interesting details. Both gadget can work in 2G, and 3G, but smartphone LG G2 mini is equipped with two antennas and 3G simkarty two slots capable of providing communication of the third generation. While in one simkarty LG L90 can only 2G, another – 2G/3G.Naturally, in G2 mini radio L90 and one therefore operates G2 mini 3G simkarty with either one or the other.

Significant drawback for many users is the absence of LG L90 paragraph “Sharing and Connection» – SmartShare, ie there is no additional DLNA, with which you can be “rassharivat” content on TV.

Otherwise there is no difference.

Memory and memory card

And LG G2 mini, and LG L90 uses 1 GB of RAM. Available on average a little over 300 MB. Not the best result.

Built-in Flash memory of 8 GB. In this case 3.87 GB available for installing applications and data storage. There is a slot for memory cards microSD.Maximum size – 32 GB.


Both devices use the basic camera modules at 8 MP, aperture F2.4. Despite the same resolution, the different modules. In LG G2 mini set higher quality. Front camera resolution differ: in G2 mini is 1.3 MP in L90 – 0.3 MP, but with a slightly larger angle.

Smartphones record video in FullHD resolution at 30 frames per second. Quality is the same.Pictures taken at the LG G2 mini, have less digital noise and artifacts, a little less distortion and “soap” in the corners, the machine does a better job with shooting at night or indoors. Below a couple of shots:

Feature video:

  • File Format: MP4
  • Video Codec: AVC, 17 Mbit / s
  • Resolution: 1920×1080, 30 f / s
  • Audio Codec: AAC, 156 kbit / s
  • Channels: 1 channel, 48 kHz

If LG G2 mini deprived VR-panoramas, dual camera, intelligent auto mode, «Shot and Clear», then the LG L90 removed HDR mode and “beautiful face.”

Since the LG G2 mini review were examples of images, in this comparison cite only shots taken at LG L90.

Performance and operating system

There are no changes. And LG G2 mini, and LG L90 used chipsets of Qualcomm – Snapdragon 400 MSM8226. Inside the 4 cores, 1.2 GHz, 28 nm, ARMv7. Responsible for the graphics Adreno 305. Go almost all the toys, although still difficult retarding. The problem is solved decreasing quality graphics. Generally speaking, the faster machines, all flies, no brakes or mikrolagov. All this thanks to the proprietary shell and adequate chipset.

More on performance tests and proprietary shell you can learn in a review LG G2 mini.


Loudness same speakers, speakers at maximum bit strange noises. If you close the holes where the speakers, the volume level is also the same.

The volume in the headphones is different: LG G2 mini «plays” a little louder, a little clearer treble. In devices with each retrieval and installation of the plug headset volume level is automatically reduced to 80%. As I tried to hear more differences, nothing came undemanding user, I think, do not understand the difference.


When playing available: volume, zoom, SmartShare (only LG G2 mini), lock screen and video playback in a separate window. In the setting of regulated subtitles, video cropping, brightness is selected.

Smartphones lose almost all video formats and codecs (formats: 3GP, MKV, AVI, MPG, FLV, WMV; codec: Mpeg4, H263, H264, DivX, XViD), except MPG. Present audio codec AC-3! Maximum resolution – 1080p.


The last thing you should consider is the cost of LG G2 mini and LG L90. First price – 11 990 rubles, alas, but it is only sold in the same network communication outlets; second price starts from 8500 rubles. The difference is about 3500 rubles. On the one hand, a little, on the other – plays the role of the so-called “psychological price”: usually the user selects up to 10 000, referring to the 7000 – 9000 rubles, and up to 15 000, referring to the 12,000 – 14,000 rubles. So, despite the minimal difference in price, LG G2 mini seems a potential buyer is much more expensive in terms of “psychological price”. Explained a little confusing, but I think you misunderstood me.

I think that in this case it makes sense to overpay these 3000 – 3500 rubles, as LG G2 mini better quality IPS-matrix, better basic modules and front cameras, the device is able to work with two 3G-simkarty, it has a function SmartShare . Well, slightly higher capacity battery LG L90 – the only distinguishing point device relative G2 mini.

If I missed some other differences in these two smartphones, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.

CharacteristicLG G2 miniLG L90Operating systemAndroid 4.4Android 4.4ChipsetQualcomm MSM8226Qualcomm MSM8226RAM1 GB1 GBFlash-memory8 GB8 GBDiagonal4.7 inches4.7 inchesType of matrixIPSIPSScreen Resolution540×960 pixels540h950 pointsCamera8 MP / 1.3 MP8 MP / 0.3 MPWork in 3G networkBoth slots 3G + two antennasOne slot 2G, another – 2G/3GDimensions129x66x9.99 mm131h66h9, 65 mmWeight121 grams124 gramsPrices11 990 rublesFrom 8500 rubles

For those who were too lazy to read the full review – found me list the differences between the LG G2 mini and LG L90:

LG G2 mini: slightly better IPS-matrix, slightly better camera, both slots operate in 3G, less battery power.

LG L90: no mode SmartShare, front camera 0.3 MP, no HDR mode in “camera”, a little quieter sound in the headphones is slightly worse than coating the surface of the display, a little more battery power.

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