Why cold feet symptoms in any weather?

You want to know why the cold feet symptoms when it's not only cold, but when the heat? Then we'll tell you about it.

Why cold feet symptoms in any weather?You want to know why the cold feet symptoms  when it’s not only cold, but when the heat? Then we’ll tell you about it.

Do you often cold feet symptoms  in the extremities, despite the fact that the street is unbearable heat? Why cold feet? – Do you think – how to cope with this unpleasant phenomenon? Let’s think together.

The reason is hidden inside – cold feet symptoms 

In order to maintain normal body temperature blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body.It moves through the blood vessels, so if in some place delivery is broken (or stops), you feel uncomfortable and cold. If you have all the time freezing hands and feet, it can mean that the body is not enough red blood cells. In the language of the medical condition is called anemia, and it requires immediate treatment.

Pernicious anemia – cold feet symptoms 

Presence of the disease explains why cold feet symptoms, irrespective of the ambient temperature. The body is experiencing an acute shortage of healthy red blood cells caused by a lack of vitamin B12. It is responsible for the production of red blood cells and their proper operation. In tissues and organs do not have enough oxygen, so the person feels fatigue, irritability, headache, difficult for him to breathe, the skin becomes pale, the limbs are cold. But perhaps the reason is different – in the stomach may be missing a special protein that is responsible for the assimilation of B12.

Therefore, one solution here – make your diet so that vitamin B12 is always done in the right quantities.And if does not work – see your doctor so that he has prescribed for you the appropriate medications.

Raynaud’s – cold feet symptoms 

If you constantly cold feet symptoms limbs, it should be deleted Raynaud’s syndrome. This is a fairly rare disease that has some specific features. Patient feels vasospastic attacks, which resulted in the blood vessels in the extremities constrict, preventing blood normally circulate. Hands and feet are cold at first, then numb, become pale or even bluish tint. After an attack, everything is back to normal until the next repetition.Sometimes a person feels a tingling in the limbs, and even on the tip of the nose. Unfortunately, the doctors could not figure out the cause of Raynaud’s syndrome, so heal him people can not.

Be attentive to your body cold feet symptoms, and then you will be able to catch the disease in its very beginning. And then cope with it much easier than when it develops into a more complex form.

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