Clark Gregg: “I was grouchy uncle Avengers”

Within the promotional campaign of the film " Trust me , " Clark Gregg answered fan questions about the role of Phil Colson, new blockbuster studio

Within the promotional campaign of the film ” Trust me , ” Clark Gregg answered fan questions about the role of Phil Colson, new blockbuster studio and Marvel series Agents of SHIELD. 

Who is your favorite character in the Avengers? 

As a child I was a fan of Tony Stark. I always liked that he, unlike many superheroes, there are some drawbacks. When I see Chris Evans in the form of Steve Rogers, the start, followed by Colson, thrill before Captain America. I love all the Avengers, because I consider myself something of a grumpy uncle, who is forced to deal with their education. It is difficult to name a favorite, but if you have to choose, I’ll call Natasha Romanoff. 

Will there Coulson in ” Guardians of the Galaxy “? 

Not sure. Sometimes I have to wait for the end credits to be able to say for sure whether I was in a new project studio Marvel. 

Did Phil get an autograph Steve Rogers? 

Excellent question. In your place I would have looked to the second season of “Agents of SHIELD.”

If you decide for yourself, who would become the first three people to whom Colson asks for help in rebuilding the organization SHIELD? 

Bruce Banner, Peter Quill and Jennifer Lawrence . 

Do you have interesting stories about filming “Agents of SHIELD”? 

Sure. When Ming-Na is not assured in the following sentence, it goes to some fictional language, which is a strange mixture of Chinese and English. I am confident that the additional materials onBlu-ray, viewers will see how we roll on the floor laughing, trying to make sense of these enigmatic phrases. 

The development of public relations Marvel heroes you the most fun to watch? 

In ” The Avengers “was more emotional scenes between Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. But personally, I’d like to see the Hulk finally found some sweet green girl.

Do Phil chance to raise the hammer of Thor? 

Before I would have said it was impossible, but now in his veins the blood magic. I do not think that would be a problem for Mjolnir Colson. 

How would you react to the fact that Colson became a hero comics? 

I was delighted by this news, because from childhood love graphic novels Marvel. I always remember that day when I brought the first release featuring Phil Colson, and I saw his face on the pages of a comic book. 

Do you have an action-figures Colson? 

I have two of them. One figure I’m going to keep an unpacked, and the second is in my office. There is nothing wrong with that sometimes fall into childhood.

What kind of movies do you like? 

” The Godfather , “” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest , “” Star Wars . “ One of my favorite movies was ” Blade Runner “, surprised me not only by the depth of character development, but also the story. 

Useful if you spy skills in real life? 

Once we went with my daughter to beg for candy on Halloween. On the way we met a boy, dressed inIron Man and Thor. Had to stop their voice Colson, to ask them for candy. I think they are so still and stand on the lawn … 

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