Chris Evans: ‘Captain America – a great guy “

Chris Evans , who plays Captain America in the film studio Marvel, told about his character, work on the painting " Captain America: The Winter

Chris Evans , who plays Captain America in the film studio Marvel, told about his character, work on the painting ” Captain America: The Winter Soldier “and responsibility imposed on the actors who embody the screen images of superheroes. 

In Captain America costume changes again?

Yes. I love the new uniforms. That suit, in which I starred in ” The Avengers “was exceptionally comfortable, but it seems to me that the audience is more like the design of” The First Avenger . “ I would like once again to wear a helmet that covers the ears, but a little thing I can certainly survive. Especially because I was delighted with the design of a new suit.

Your character will change and fighting style?

Yes. I played the last video game about Captain America, and I loved the way my character moves.I thought that you need to take note of this. Steve Rogers has not only increased strength and speed. He went through a lot of training and knows how to fight to their strengths. Now Steve is a deadly weapon that allowed fights in the sequel to be much more impressive. And it’s not just great melee as in ” The Bourne Supremacy “, because in a fight Captain America and actively uses his shield.

Was it difficult to work on these scenes?

A few months before I started filming sessions in the gym. We worked on the choreography of fights.When the fight scene rehearsed, you need to add new layers to it. If you miss a beat, then you need time to portray the pain on his face. We had a great stunt coordinators and choreographers, but because I got to shoot a real pleasure. I saw excerpts of the film at the festival more Comic-Con and was impressed with the final result.

Did Steve adapt to modern life?

Yes, in the new film, we meet him adapt to new conditions. Another thing is that in today’s world is difficult to understand who the enemy is. In the forties, Steve clearly knew against whom he must fight. Now the enemy image is blurred, and before Captain America will be a question of whether he should unquestioningly obey orders.

Directors say that the new film will be a kind of reboot history. Will Steve experiencing an identity crisis?

Captain America can not fly and let the lightning. It is about to draw viewers’ attention to the fact that he is still a man. Apart from fighting enemies and mind-blowing tricks, the new film will pay attention to how Steve handles a variety of moral issues decision. In today’s world no more secrets.You can tap telephones, monitor any actions of people … Is it OK to spy on a person, even if he is a suspect? Captain America from another time, and therefore have never encountered such problems.

Are you glad for the third time to return to the screen in this role?

Now I know that would never forgive myself if I abandoned it. Marvel takes great movies, and I’m happy to be part of their team. Had in my career and unsuccessful paintings that made ​​regret the time spent and the best. I never have such thoughts against studio films Marvel. They have all performed at the highest level – from the costumes to marketing. At first I was afraid to participate in such an ambitious project, but realized that I could trust to each member of the team working on these blockbusters.

Do you feel more responsibility, playing America’s favorite?

Many kids really want to be like me. It’s a strange feeling, because they know not Chris Evans, and my on-screen character. But I remember how I myself as a child had the same role models. I think it’s great. I realize the responsibility that falls on the supporting cast such a plan. Captain America – a great guy. I would not want to spoil the image of the hero, so I try not to get into trouble. Although before me is vodilos.

What are your impressions of working with Robert Redford ?

I was very nervous in his first day of work. You never know what will be in communion star at this level. Within ten minutes, I realized that my fears were unfounded. There are stars who come to the set and struggling to become a center of general attention, but Robert, fortunately, is not one of them. One of the shooting days stretched into fifteen hours. Robert finished his part of the job, but I still had a few conversations in which his character is supposed to be behind the scenes. He could just walk away, and any other actor in his place would just say: “Finish without me.” It was past midnight, and he was on the set, although the text of his character could read anyone. It is a great actor, which raises the quality craftsmanship of our film to a new level.

Soon you can become a record for the number of movies about superheroes in his record.

Wait, while Sam L. Jackson as their? I have something other than Captain America, only two films about the Fantastic Four . I think that catch Hugh Jackman will not be easy.

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