Call recording software: 3 reasons why having one makes sense for your business organisation

More than ever, call recording makes an absolute corporate (and even personal) sense. A few years back—it was just seen as something only large corporations

More than ever, call recording makes an absolute corporate (and even personal) sense. A few years back—it was just seen as something only large corporations could afford or opt for, but now, technological aggrandisement has made it all very convenient, easy and cheap—to collect call data using a call recording app. Those days of tape recording systems are long gone, it’s an era of digital monitoring where every possibility is achievable, in a more cost effective way.

Largely, business can have 3 reasons to monitor their employees’ calls:

1.      Accuracy

Managers want to ensure that their company is free from errors and mistakes. Communication clarity can save a firm against many costly errors. The average pace at which most of the calls are conducted is very fast, and this can make it extremely difficult for employees to take down every detail onto a piece of paper, or to their memory. Sometimes, the other person would talk too fast, or too softly that it can also make it hard for employees to fully understand the conversation. And sometimes, your employees’ lack of attention, tiredness or nearby distractions can complicate things even further. Call recording would allow managers that their employees won’t have to call back to clarify the instructions or make costly assumptions.

Call recording is very necessary for call center and sales agents, human resource professionals, dispatchers etc.

The benefits of doing so are many: low risk; improved customer satisfaction and customer service; increased productivity and lesser chances of any disputes between the buyers and the sellers.

A call recording app like Xnspy will allow you to record calls automatically or manually, just like they would be heard in real-time. You can listen to these call later, rewind or skim through portions, according to your choice. Each recorded call will be of highest audio quality. Almost every business now provide their employees a cell phone for making business calls, and that’s why a mobile phone app can come in very handy.

Did you know?

There is a large discrepancy between the average conversation rate (i.e. 110-150 words/minute) and the average note-taking speed (20-30 words/minute). This would inevitably mean errors, if calls are not recorded.

2.      Verification

Accuracy or truth can’t be backed without evidence. Just think of these scenarios:

  • If a dispute arises over the discrepancy between what was communicated versus what was delivered actually, then recording phone calls using an app would not only confirm the authenticity of the deal, not just to yourself, but also to the other party involved.
  • Have you purchased anything from your vendor that didn’t match the pre-sale details? You need to start recording calls then.
  • Does your business require keeping records of calls?
  • Are you worried that your employees can use their cell phones at work for confidentiality breach?

These days, every business needs to be stringent with their policies and while carrying transactions, special care is required due to the high liability involved. Even if your employees have written down everything that the customer has said, it still requires proof, and call recording would provide that evidence.

So, basically, call recording offers:

  • Reduced liability. Some business deals can have very high liability that keeping records of every call is encouraged. Keeping records of calls and other documentation would provide peace of mind and assurance.
  • Security. You can ensure that your employees are loyal to you and not delivering company’s high-profile information to the rivals.

What XNSPY call recording app offers?

A usual problem with verification processes is that they can take a lot of time for documentation. They also can lack consistency that can severe the authenticity of such evidence. Another issue is the quick access to the information. Digital call recorders like that from XNSPY will automatically record calls that’s ideal for call verification. The app will provide logs for all incoming, outgoing and even missed calls that are included with date, time and caller ID stamps. Managers can easily access any employee’s calls by simply accessing their device using an online control panel.

3.      Training & QA (Quality assurance)

Training: It includes all the disciplines regarding the improvement of skills and performance of an employee.

Quality assurance: it’s the practise of tracking every business activity so to maintain and improve the quality of the products and services offered.

Most businesses can benefit by continuously monitoring their employees mobile phone calls. That includes appraising their tone, manner or how they generally sound.

Monitoring your employees can be a really time-consuming task. Traditionally, managers had to assign personnel who would do this job in real-time

But now, we have a digital call recorder i.e. XNSPY, which and act as a viable tool for training of employees. It provides an objective feedback in the form of high quality call recordings, and can be used to reward performance of the employees.

A call recording software such as this will not only allow you to record calls, but also listen to them in real time. The app can also record surroundings of your employees that can help you listen to their off-call conversations with other employees.

XNSPY is not just a call recorder—it can do a lot more, like monitoring every other possible phone log off a cell phone. This includes text messages, emails, internet browsing history, phonebook entries, social media activity (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Viber, Skype, Instagram and iMessage) and on-storage multimedia. All you need is to install this app onto your employees’ cell phone or tablets that they are using.

The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

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