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Bryan Cranston spoke about the work on the movie " Godzilla ", his character and collaboration with director Gareth Edwards .  Tell us about your hero. He

Bryan Cranston spoke about the work on the movie ” Godzilla “, his character and collaboration with director Gareth Edwards . 

Tell us about your hero.

He nuclear physicist who works at a nuclear power as an independent contractor. Once my hero notices strange seismic activity and begins his own investigation, but at this moment the earth away from under his feet … The story takes place in three time periods. The story begins in 1954, then transferred to the story in 1999, and the main events will unfold as early as 2014.

Were you familiar with the stories of Godzilla before?

I am a fan of this monster from a young age. Moreover, I always thought Godzilla King Kongsteeper. This monster smashed everything without compunction. I loved it. Then I found an interesting story about the producer Joseph E. Levine , who bought the rights to the original Japanese film . He realized that in the U.S., this picture may fail, and therefore decided to hire writers and actor Raymond Burr , who played a reporter. They shot some scenes and add them directly to the original film, releasing in theaters in 1956 film ” Godzilla, King of the Monsters! “. Painting enjoyed great success with the audience, and Levine fabulously rich.

How do you like the new design of Godzilla?

We can say that everything is new – is well forgotten old. I loved the design of the monster. I was pleasantly impressed with the dimensions of Godzilla. On the screens you will see other kaizen, but they are all significantly lower than the main monster in size.

Did you look at the monster up close?

Sure. He goes all out on the set, but because it continues to invite new movies [laughs]. But he has a very bad temper.

Is it difficult to imagine the scale turned Godzilla?

Usually on the green screen we mark laser pointer is a place that we should look. This allows us to represent the difference in size between humans and Godzilla. The rest remains to rely only on your imagination. Oddly enough, but it seems to me that the actors my age work on green screen delivers even greater pleasure than youth. When I was young there was not much entertainment, and therefore have to pass the time, immersed in a fantasy world. I never thought that my dream can be realized in such large-scale projects. In today’s youth become more diverse ways of spending, and therefore, unfortunately, not all are trying to develop their own imagination.

In the original film in 1954, scientists have shown interest and even sympathy for the monster. Can I say that about your character?

Of course, he can not resist the curiosity … Military much easier. They just shout: “What is it? Let’s kill him. “ But scientists have a completely different point of view. For us, the appearance ofGodzilla is a spectacular event.

Does your character utters the name of Godzilla?

This is the name that we can not call it. On this account there is a funny story. Work on the project was held in high secrecy, but because at the stage of “pre-production” all painting called “Nautilus”.Once I passed customs at the Canadian border. People ask me: “The purpose of the visit?”. I replied that I’m doing a movie. The customs officer is not far behind: “The name of the painting?”. I say, “” Nautilus “.” Then he looked at me, and then asked: “Godzilla?”. It seems that the information about the shooting of this film was not so much a big secret …

Elizabeth Olsen played the wife of the hero Aaron Taylor-Johnson . Do you have her scenes together?

Aaron plays my son. Our heroes uneasy relationship, but because Elizabeth is trying to establish peace in the family. I loved working with her. Juliette Binoche played the wife of my hero. I immediately offered Gareth add a couple of movie love scenes. No matter how I tried, in scenario they have not got. But I still offered Juliette rehearse kissing scenes in an informal setting.

Did you enjoy the work under the direction of Gareth Edwards?

After shooting pictures ” Monsters “Gareth immediately received an offer to head the work on big-budget blockbuster. Many simply could “undermine the roof” of such a fantastic career, but he remains very calm and focused on the business professional. While Gareth open to new ideas. It happens that you’re faced with the filmmakers, who immediately made ​​it clear that they will not listen to your suggestions. However, success is only possible in the case of co-operation of the director, writers and actors. Before agreeing to participate in this project, I spent a couple of Gareth calls. I went on to star in the series ” Breaking Bad »(Breaking Bad), and therefore carefully assessed each scenario. I knew that my work in this brilliant show will be compared with new roles in cinema. We met with Gareth, and I realized that I had to play in this picture. Brilliant script and film director, burning eyes finally managed to convince me.

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