Bruno Heller: “In Gotham can not feel safe”

The creator of the series "Gotham» (Gotham) Bruno Heller spoke about the work of the superhero show on Fox and surprises

Bruno Heller: "In Gotham can not feel safe"

The creator of the series “Gotham» (Gotham) Bruno Heller spoke about the work of the superhero show on Fox and surprises that prepare writers viewers in the coming episodes.
Are you satisfied with the start of the show on the air?

I am delighted with the visual component “Gotham!” Director Danny Cannon and our operators can be achieved in this matter the quality of Hollywood projects, while paying attention to fine detail, dear fans of the franchise. In Gotham is a place for comedy and drama. I like that in this world can exist simultaneously as close to reality characters like Gordon and classic comic book heroes. I’m happy with how the audience greeted we created specifically for this show Fish Muni. We are very lucky that this role was able to invite a great Jada Pinkett Smith.

Bruno Heller: "In Gotham can not feel safe"

How often do on the screen there will be new villains?

We decided from the first episode to acquaint viewers with such iconic antagonists as Penguin, Riddler, Ivy and Selina. People need to know that they are looking not just another cop protsedural and drama of the famous comic book characters, each of which has a long history. At the same time I would like to note that the appearance of new faces in our series will always be justified by the plot.

C any of the DC Universe characters viewers will meet in the near future?

Ahead of us an episode in which we learn about how parents met Robin. In a pair of runs, we also look forward to tell prehistory scary. “Gotham” – a series about the origin of the cult heroes and villains of the universe DC, but because the origins of their characters makes sense to look for a child.

Returns whether the Ivy?

Of course.

Is it worth it to wait for the Harley Quinn?

In the next episodes, viewers will get acquainted with the girl Riddler, Joker’sgirlfriend but could soon appear on the screen.

This year, the creators of “Arrows» (Arrow) provide viewers Ra’s Al Ghul. See if he “Gotham”?

We have the rights to use the antagonist in this series, but I’m not sure that his appearance would be appropriate in the first season. We must learn from the creative director of DC Comics Jeff Jones (he also takes part in the work on our show) on the age and location of the villain at the moment of life of Bruce Wayne.

Some of the main characters can die?

We shoot a prequel stories about the Dark Knight, but it does not mean that we can not kill opponents of Batman, which seems to fans of the franchise are required to live up to the finals series. In Gotham, no one can feel safe. In this case, I believe that parting with the characters of the show always need a good reason. I’m not a fan of cheap tricks, and therefore will not kill the protagonists only in order to shock the audience. Value for someone to do so once, and picked up this fashion creators of many series. I like to play all of our actors. It would be foolish to part with stars of the show, who are able to delight fans of the franchise for years to come. But in front of the audience, of course, waiting for surprises …

Further possible spoilers!

Can open one of them?

At some point, Gordon finally tired of playing by the rules and decide to join the active fight against corruption in the police force. Once James seems that he has achieved success in the battle against the powers that be, they can do it a crushing retaliation, the consequences of which will play a crucial role in the final episodes of the first season.




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