Blade Nano QX RTF: review quadrocopters

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Introduction Blade Nano QX RTF - simple and easy to manage quadrocopter, which aims to deliver a novice "pilot" a lot of fun.

Blade Nano QX RTF: review quadrocopters

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Introduction

Blade Nano QX RTF – simple and easy to manage quadrocopter, which aims to deliver a novice “pilot” a lot of fun. Originally designed for indoor flight, the 90-dollar drone is very stable and easy to manage. Also, he is capable of a variety of complex maneuvers and tricks.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Design and apparatus

Abbreviation RTF in the model name stands for Ready To Fly (ready to fly). And then we have not been deceived – to revive a drone, you just charge and install the battery.

Construction Blade Nano QX RTF is quite simple. At its core – solid frame made of plastic, which is located in the center of the control electronics, and the bottom is the battery. The plastic frame is lightweight, but strong enough to survive multiple drops.

An important detail – the presence of the frame Blade Nano QX RTF four plastic parts, screws that protect against accidental contact with surrounding objects. However, it is not absolute protection. The parties are not protected, and lateral maneuvers screws are exposed to additional risk.

Blade Nano QX RTF: review quadrocopters

Lithium-polymer battery is very low. Its capacity is only 150 mAh battery, which lasts for only seven minutes of flight. Charging takes place via a special adapter connector USB. The process takes about 25 minutes. Replacing the battery on quadrocopters Blade Nano QX RTF is also simple – just unplug its power cord and move the carriage to the frame.

  • Features Blade Nano QX RTF:
  • Number of engines: 4.
  • Motor type: 6mm, brush.
  • Batteries: Lithium-polymer battery 150 mAh, plus 4 AA batteries for the remote control.
  • The flight time on a single charge: 7/8 minutes (measured / stated).
  • Dimensions: 14 x 5 cm.
  • Weight: 17 grams.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Control

To control Blade Nano QX RTF uses the remote control with two joysticks, outwardly resemble those of the Xbox. It is conveniently located in the hands and the fingers themselves comfortably lie on the joysticks. Aileron (responsible for the drone tilt left or right) is performed with the left stick and rudder is attached to the right. Traction drone and lateral movements can be controlled from any joystick to choose by moving the arm up and down.

Blade Nano QX RTF: review quadrocopters

Joystick is very malleable, and we must be careful to keep the drone in uncontrolled rotation.In the center console there is a button on and off with a small red LED. And next to each joystick has buttons that regulate their sensitivity. Self control is powered by four AA batteries.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Flights

Management Blade Nano QX RTF lot of fun. He quickly rises quickly turns around and has a high horizontal velocity. Lively respond to the remote control, and can be controlled precisely enough, once you get used to the controls themselves.

When connecting the battery the blue LED on the Blade Nano QX RTF begins to actively flash until you put a drone on a flat surface. Once the drone will determine what is the correct and stable position, the LED lights steadily, signaling that the drone is ready to fly. The Blade Nano QX RTF level sensor uses a special flight, called SAFE, which will make quadrocopter soar at a time when you do not touch the controls. It works fine, but it does not mean that the drone can be operated without looking. SAFE can be turned off by pressing the left stick, but it is best to leave it on until you become a true ace.

Blade Nano QX RTF: review quadrocopters

The range of the remote control is about 12 meters, which is quite typical for these small drones designed for flying indoors.

Have Blade Nano QX RTF and disadvantages. Lightweight (16 grams) making it nimble and maneuverable, but it also means that anyone, even the lightest breeze instantly knock it off course.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Maintainability and Safety

Of course, for any fall drone – an unavoidable reality. Sooner or later it will happen, and then it is important that it was repairable. Complete with Blade Nano QX RTF are four spare screws (it is most often broken part) and the housing cover, which can be easily replaced. No tools are not required for this. The screws are tightened to the elementary motor, and the body simply unfastened and fastened. It is also possible to order other items, but the overall low cost of drones in the case of a serious accident is easier to buy a new one.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Battery

Blade Nano QX RTF has very little battery life. We are going about seven minutes, while in the performance promise a little more – as many as eight. This is quite typical values ​​for these babies, and only a handful of models in the air can hold a two-digit number of minutes. We measured the time from the still floating in the air drone. But if you start to maneuver, it will be even shorter.

A tiny battery with 150 mAh unable to hold out for a long time, but you can buy a few spare.Package of four pieces worth less than $ 20. And if you look for them on the Chinese site, then that is cheaper. Charging is via a small USB-adapter. The time required to fully charge one battery – 25 minutes.

Review Blade Nano QX RTF | Results

Blade Nano QX RTF – is a small device that can fly perfectly. Opening hours on one battery charge is low, but the batteries can be easily replaced and are cheap, because it is better to buy a few spare. Overall, this is an excellent option for those who do not have experience in managing such devices and wants to start somewhere before tempt fate by controlling the large and expensive models. With a small drone can easily learn the basics of management, in addition, it will be easy to forgive the inevitable mistakes that lead to falls.

Advantages: fun and responsive, with simple controls, complete a replacement screws and cover.

Disadvantages: short operating time on a single charge, easily blown away by wind.

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