Blackview BV4000, BV4000 Pro and A10 Review & Compare: so different but so similar

Blackview BV4000 is a typical representative of rugged phones with large dimensions. Its Pro version is standard continuer with some changes. Blackview A10

Blackview BV4000, BV4000 Pro and A10 Review & Compare: so different but so similar

We represent you three phones from the Chinese compane Blackview. You may think that they are very different from each other, so we cannot make review. Nevertheless, they have many similar features, which will be discussed later. For example Blackview BV4000 is a typical representative of rugged phones with large dimensions. Its Pro version is the standard continuer of the series with some changes. Blackview A10 is a regular budget phone. But all these smartphones have almost the same hardware. Next, we will review smartphpones in detail and draw parallels with the market.

Blackview BV4000 and BV4000 Pro: Design

The rugged budget phones have always been popular. Blackview BV4000 has all reasons to be popular. The body is made of plastic and metal inserts. The corners are “cut off”, which gives the phone more unusual share. The standard of protection of the smartphone IP68 was used. It means that your gadget is not afraid of drops, dust and even diving into the water.

The phone’s dimensions are 74.2×143.9×13.25, and the weight is 205 grams. Obviously, rugged phones are so huge. The thickness of 13.25 mm and the weight of 205 grams can scare the user. The display is 4.7-inch, made with IPS technology and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The gadget appeared on the shelves in three colors: black, orange and green.

Blackview BV4000 Pro has the same design features as its  predecessor. If we put these two phones side by side, it will be very difficult to distinguish the “pro” version from the usual one.

Blackview A10: Design

Blackview A10 is an ordinary Chinese budget device. The body is made of cheap plastic. The dimensions are small: 70.3×143.2×8.8 mm, weight 165 grams. It is completely incomparable with Blackview BV4000 and BV4000 Pro. The phone has small side bezels. The 5-inch IPS display is protected by 2.5D glass, and occupies ~70% of the front panel area. There are three touch buttons. There is no mechanical “Home”. On the back everything is usual: a camera, a fingerprint reader and a flashllight. In general, nothing special.

Blackview BV4000, BV4000 Pro and A10 - review of smartphones

Blackview BV4000 Pro, BV4000, A10: Specifications

Blackview BV4000 ProBlackview BV4000Blackview A10CPU:MediaTek MT6580AMediaTek MT6580AMediaTek MT6580AGPU:Dual-core Mali-T400Dual-core Mali-T400Dual-core Mali-T400RAM:2 GB1 GB2 GBMemory:16 GB8 GB16 GBSystem:Android NougatAndroid NougatAndroid NougatScreen:IPS 4.7 “, 720×1280 pixelsIPS 4.7 “, 720×1280 pixelsIPS 5 “, 720×1280 pixelsCamera:8MP + 8MP8MP + 8MP5MPSelfie Camera:2MP2MP2MPBattery:3680mAh3680mAh2800mAh

The chipset MediaTek MT6580T has 4 cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a frequency up to 1.3GHz. Such a processor demonstrates relatively modest performance results. Antutu shows only about 20000 points. Even for modern budget phone it is very low performance. The difference between the two rugged smartphones is only a pair of RAM/internal memory (1GB + 8GB for BV4000 vs. 2GB + 16GB for BV4000 Pro). The other specs of  these phones are just identical, but they are very different from Blackview A10.

The phone from “A” series has the largest display among the compared (5 inches vs 4.7 inches), but it is worse in terms of cameras, both main and front. Rugged phones by Blackview come with dual 8MP camera each. Blackview A10 has only 5MP. Front cameras are horrible at all – only 2MP.

The battery capacity is slightly higher for BV series phones – 3680 mAh vs 2800 mAh for Blackview A10. The standard version of BV4000 can be ordered for $91.99, while Pro version costs $99.99. The price Blackview A10 is $73.25.

Blackview BV4000, BV4000 Pro and A10 - review of smartphones

Blackview BV4000 Pro vs competitors on the market

Blackview BV smartphones have almost identical specs, so we take for comparison Pro version, and find the same rugged phone with similar specifications.

BV4000 ProBQ BQ-5033 SharkChipset:MediaTek MT6580AMediaTek MT6580GPU:Mali-T400Mali-T400RAM:2 GB1 GBMemory:16 GB8 GBSystem:Android NougatAndroid NougatScreen:IPS 4.7″, 720×1280 pixelsIPS 5″, 720×1280 pixelsCamera:8MP + 8MP8MPFrontalka:2MP8MPBattery:3680mAh3200mAh

If we talk about hardware, the phones are on the same level. They have the same AnTuTu result about 20000 points. However, the phones are different in memory (16GB + 2GB for Blackview vs 8GB + 1GB for BQ). In contrast, BQ has more display diagonal (5″ vs. 4.7″) and better front camera (8MP vs2MP). The main camera in Blackview is dual, which will give better images than single 8-megapixel sensor BQ. The price BQ BQ-5033 Shark is about $125. The price for the Chinese device is $99. Is it worth the bigger display and the best front frotnt of such overpayment?

Blackview BV4000, BV4000 Pro and A10 Review & Compare: so different but so similar

Blackview A10: Сomparison

Blackview A10Leagoo Kiicaa PowerDoogee X20CPU:MediaTek MT6580AMediaTek MT6580MediaTek MT6580GPU:Mali-T400Mali-T400Mali-T400RAM:2 GB2 GB2 GBMemory:16 GB16 GB16 GBSystem:Android NougatAndroid NougatAndroid NougatScreen:IPS 5 “, 720×1280 pixelsIPS 5 “, 720×1280 pixelsIPS 5 “, 720×1280 pixelsCamera:5MP8MP + 5MP5MP + 5MPSelfie Camera:2MP8MP5MPBattery:2800mAh4000mAh2580mAh

As for Blackview A10, we look at almost all specs, such as chipsets, graphics chips, RAM, internal memory and displays. So, we find two best competitors to Blackview A10: Leagoo Kiicaa Power and Doogee X20. Leagoo Kiicaa Power comws with dual main camera (8MP + 5MP), as well as 8MP (2MP for Blackview and 5MP for Doogee X20), which is excellent for this segment.

In addition, Leagoo has the biggest battery (4000 mAh vs 2800 mAh for Blackview and 2580 mAh for Doogee). The price of the device is very pleasant for the budget segment: Blackview A10 – 70$, Leagoo Kiicaa Power – 59$, Doogee X20 – 79$. Smartphones are worthy of each other, and there will be really competition.

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