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Recently bought a wireless charging and was very pleased. Some time later, I decided to go one step further and purchase a wireless mouse. So far I have

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse 00

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse 00

Recently bought a wireless charging and was very pleased. Some time later, I decided to go one step further and purchase a wireless mouse. So far I have not go any where.

2 years before this was a great gaming mouse Cyborg RAT 3. It was adjustable length body of a nice touch soft-touch plastic. It did not suit insufficient programmable keys and soiled soft-touch plastic (for a neat appearance need to be regularly cleaned). Mouse looks cool, but eventually get bored.

In the game I do not play often, the main criteria for choosing the mice were: appearance, the presence of programmable keys and a long time wireless operation. After several days of watching all kinds of options on the Internet, chose two models of the G-series firm Logitech: G602 and G700s. Naturally, I wanted to get their dirty little hands on both models, and I went to the nearest store of household electrical appliances. There I was able to feel the G700s. It turned out that the photo she looks better than in reality. Immediately confused child’s drawing on the mouse. It automatically reduces the price of the mouse twice. Then caused outrage is not the highest quality plastic. In fairness, I will say that from a technical standpoint mouse unmatched, and the shape is very comfortable for large hands. Also a very big minus for me – it’s battery life. G700s uses to supply one AA battery, which is enough, judging by the reviews, for 1-2 days when gaming mode of use (in my case – a week and a half – maximum). Oh well, I thought, and went in search of a plan B. Unfortunately, the mouse I could not find as G602 – a relatively new model, and bring it to us have not yet. Since the desire to acquire G700s has disappeared, it was decided to order a G602 without prior palpation.

Two days later I received the coveted Woman- mouse model and has not regretted. Mouse quality packed into a standard for the G-series box. Inside, apart from the mouse are receiver extension for the receiver, an envelope with instructions and two batteries. Mouse is made of five different to look at and touch materials (plastic). Individually, each type of plastic is nothing remarkable in itself is not. But somehow magically with interesting geometric combination of all materials, Logitech managed to create a very interesting design. And, most importantly, to touch and to look at it much better than the G700s and not as dirty as the Cyborg RAT

On the mouse are 11 buttons and the mode dial. With the mode you can go to the game or power saving mode. The difference is that in a power saving mode, the sampling frequency is fixed at around 125 reports / sec, and may be selected in the game responses to 500 / s. Nine of the eleven keys can be programmed for specific actions using Logitech Gaming Software.


At the bottom is the battery compartment, plenty of legs, on / off switch and a laser sensor. Resolution of the sensor can be adjusted in the range from 250 to 2500 dots per inch. To power the mouse uses two AA batteries. The manufacturer claims about the battery life is fantastic. I will test, how much is enough complete batteries and write the results in the description under the video (if there are no results, then they are still working). Also, the mouse can operate on a single battery. Thus, we can change the weight (107 gr. Without batteries) mice, sacrificing autonomy.

In general, I am fully satisfied with the mouse. Oh very well, it looks in its natural habitat. Thank you all for your attention and see you in the future.

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