Best Beaches of South Africa

South Africa is very popular among beach lovers and surfing. In anticipation of the holiday season, we will tell about the best beaches that you can visit

South Africa is very popular among beach lovers and surfing. In anticipation of the holiday season, we will tell about the best beaches that you can visit in this country.

Clifton Beach, Cape Town

If stern guardian, frozen in time, protects Mesa rest of the elite South African beach. Band of pure, white as a sheet, Clifton Beach sand separates flawless blue ocean and cozy houses, drowned among the greenery. Gigantic granite boulders cut the coastal zone on the four corners to stay. In one of them, similar to the scenery of Hollywood films, often going celebrity, settled in another family with children, and the third is good for active outdoor games. If you want an unusual experience, look into the cozy world of Clifton fourth beach. This place is hidden between two peaks of Table Mountain, is one of the best nudist beaches in the world.

Maizenberg Beach, Cape Town

You are ready to spend hours in a warm flounder as fresh milk, and clean as a tear, water? Go to the beach Maizenberg, lying on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Here there is a lesson to every taste. While older and tired of the bustle of beachgoers warm their bones flawless sandy canvas, young and active can practice snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving, and small and restless – jumping through the impressive ocean waves. Romantics and lovers of the mind-blowing landscapes await breeze and amazing sunsets, beautiful which could not be found anywhere else in the world, and adventurers – the best training racehorses, often being conducted at the beach.

Penguin Beach, Simonstown

If you are not a fan of idle leisure and fall into despair of proposals to spend the day lounging on the sand, head to Boulders Beach. Only a few kilometers from the town of Simonstown spread apocalyptic future world. Huge boulders of all shapes and sizes, scattered on the ocean side, seem traces of unknown disasters and penguin colonies, those sitting on them – the last survivors on Earth. Making cancel photos on memory and sharing experiences in Instagramme, plunge into calm water surface. Thanks giant cobblestones here never waves and can easily freeze in shavasana, enjoying the peace and light breeze.

Robberg Beach, Plettenberg Bay

Feel at one with nature and finding your own “I”, appeared on the golden sands of Robberg Beach. This place is bordered by mountain peaks and foamy waves Plettenberg Bay, as if created for relaxation and detachment from the city. Azure expanse of warm Indian Ocean is no end: reaching the horizon, they merge with the clear blue sky. Only occasionally in the idyllic picture there are new fascinating details: not far from the beach, cutting water, whales swim. Hard to believe, but just 5 minutes leisurely walk from Robberg Blue Flag, is the civilized world with cafes, restaurants, galleries and comfortable hotels.

Beach Grotto, Hermanus

Coast of the African town of Hermanus is known all over the world is not molten gold sand, shining in the sun, and not even the purest water, also received the Blue Flag. Just from July to October sail by … No, steamers, and the largest animals on the planet – whales. To see them in all their glory, it is not necessary to spend money on boat trips – enough to stay on the beach and cook Grotto camera. Ocean giants swim so close, it seems that at the slightest movement of the tail you splashed splashing fountain. If you do not hit the whale festival, held in late September, do not despair – you unforgettable walks on warm sand and the quiet lapping of the waves.

Urban beaches of Durban

“Golden Mile” – affectionately known as the embankment of the second largest city in South Africa. Endless green palm avenues, saving from the scorching sun, a bright yellow stripe soft as down sand and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean coast of Durban gave honorary Blue Flag. Here, sipping refreshing cocktails and lemonade, relax and rich star race, winning an ocean wave, surfers, and catch fish, large and small, amateur trophy hunting. Beaches “Golden Mile” strewn with cozy coves, mysterious caves and scenic trails, and water, protected from strong winds, suitable even kids who can not swim. And of course, the coast is protected from sharks and is equipped with excellent infrastructure.

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