Where tasty and cheap eat in Barcelona attractions

Want to savor authentic Catalan and Spanish cuisine in Barcelona attractions at a reasonable price? Then this article will be very useful for you. While vacationing in Barcelona, ​​in addition to famous attractions, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rich culinary traditions of this wonderful city. Barcelona attractions, ​​as, indeed, and all of Catalonia, is widely known for its culinary delights.

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsWant to savor authentic Catalan and Spanish cuisine in Barcelona attractions at a reasonable price? Then this article will be very useful for you. While vacationing in Barcelona, ​​in addition to famous attractions, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rich culinary traditions of this wonderful city. Barcelona attractions, ​​as, indeed, and all of Catalonia, is widely known for its culinary delights. It seems that a tasty and inexpensive to eat here, you can at every step, because in Barcelona attractions there are more than two thousand schools, where you can quench your city. However, few of these establishments are popular with locals and tourists. Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsPasseig de Gracia, Barcelona

In the capital of Catalonia enough restaurants, cafes and network outlets to be able to find a suitable place according to their taste and size of the purse. That’s worth a try in Barcelona attractions?First of all you need to tapas – a variety of snacks, which can include pieces of meat or fish, olives, nuts and other ingredients. Tapas can be happy to eat with a beer or other beverage. And as a main dish carefully tasting the famous Catalan paella, characterized by an abundance of seafood. Also, you should taste the potato tortilla, cold gazpacho soup and grilled salmon in the perfumed oil. Where should we order all this splendor in Barcelona attractions?Because you want to and the prices were cheap, and the tables were free, and the quality of service remained at altitude.

Restaurants and cafes – Barcelona attractions

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractions

Coming to Barcelona attractions, ​​tourists often prefer to eat for any beautiful historic site, located in the city center. For example, on La Rambla. However, once it is necessary to say that the prices are “bite” and for a simple lunch will have to leave a very significant amount. But we need only turn in one of the streets of the Gothic quarter and one can find a sufficient number of restaurants and cafes, a kitchen which is very high quality and the prices are much lower. You can also recommend the establishment, located at Plaza Catalunya, where you can eat like a cheap Chinese food, so dishes of European and Catalan cuisine. The cozy little cafes near this area, you can order a large portion of paella with seafood in just 10 – 12 euros. By the way, note that from 14 to 15 hours during siesta, many places are closed. Therefore, in those that remain open, especially in the city center, can be a queue.

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsLa Pedrera. Barcelona

To eat and inexpensive meal in Barcelona attractions, ​​it is enough to know one rule. The farther away from the city center, the lower prices await you at local establishments. For example, in Santa Coloma, which is already at a respectful distance from the city center, you can easily find a restaurant, where for 8 – 10 euros you get a complete meal with soup, main course and hot drinks. In the district of Barcelona attractions, which is adjacent to the sea, is a large number of fish restaurants, where for reasonable money, you can try the Mediterranean cuisine with fresh seafood. Those who wish to save on food at the restaurants we recommend to choose the day’s menu (Menu del dia), or a business lunch (12 euros). Cost is inexpensive, but it is quite satisfying.

Network places – cupboards – Barcelona attractions

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsIn the port. Barcelona

But if you do not willing to pay for food and looking for the most economical place in Barcelona attractions, ​​where you can dine with the belly up, it is best suited for this purpose, network places, working on the principle of the buffet. We are talking about places where you pay a fixed amount and can “eat as you want.”  The choice of these restaurants is quite decent – a couple – three kinds of soups, salads with various dressings and sauces, meats and seafood, as well as some traditional side dishes of Spain. In addition, delicious desserts to choose from.

Himself a snack bar looks like a spacious dining room, at the entrance visitors take a tray and cutlery, and then choose their food to taste. The price usually includes a glass of wine, coffee and tea – no restrictions. All meals offered are high quality and delicious.

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsTram to Tibidabo

One of the most popular network outlets in Barcelona, ​​working on the principle – it is a chain of restaurants Fresc Co with lots of tables and a salad bar inside. These restaurants have caught the fancy of tourists, so that in certain hours they can be quite crowded and noisy. To choose from – three – four salads, seafood dishes, a couple of desserts and ice cream. Here you can sample and the famous paella, but there’s also pasta, pizza and more from familiar European dishes. By the way, restaurants Fresc Co can be found not only in Barcelona attractions, ​​but also in all parts of Spain. With regard to the Catalan capital, then it has six such establishments, the addresses of which can be easily found on the Internet. The cost of lunch in a restaurant is between 9 and 12 euros (on different days in different ways). Also if you pay will have to choose between, for example, a glass of wine and lemonade, pastries or ice cream.

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsTemple of the Sacred Heart on Mount Tibidabo. Barcelona

Another place of this type – a buffet restaurant Wok, located close to the Plaza de España. It is a popular institution in Barcelona attractions Fast Food Restaurants, offering visitors a wide variety of seafood, sushi and rolls, soups, salads and fresh and pickled vegetables, traditional Chinese food. In just 10 – 14 euros, you can really eat, selecting meat or seafood, which, when you immediately fire. In the menu, and dessert included, but the drinks will have to pay separately.After walking through the beautiful streets of Barcelona attractions and exploring this wonderful city, you can look here. In Wok You will find a combination of Spanish cuisine with an Asian. Select really is from what, in this case particularly attracted to affordable prices. Collect as much as you can eat, and pay a fixed price at the checkout. In addition to the Plaza de España, in different areas of Barcelona has several such establishments.

Where tasty and cheap eat in barcelona attractionsView of Barcelona

But the most Spanish of all the restaurants, coffee shops in Barcelona attractions is an institution El Puma, where you’ll find a fine selection of Catalan dishes for reasonable money. Also at this restaurant on the go coupons, allowing adventurous tourists and citizens to save on food even more. This restaurant can please you with a wide variety of appetizers, paella and grilled meat.All the dishes are very hearty and tasty. Drinks are not included.

Finally, we can recommend another interesting institution, located in the area of ​​the Gothic Quarter – Dao Kaitensushi. The peculiarity of this buffet is that all dishes are moving on a conveyor belt right in front of visitors, and everyone can choose what they like, simply by shifting the dish on your table. In the menu – seafood, rice noodles, salads, desserts and fruit. Dinner at this place Barcelona attractions for one person will cost just 10 – 15 euros.

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