Americans will be judged in the U.S. for a false report about the threat of terrorist attack in the Olympic Sochi

U.S. citizen Lawrence Reinhard appear in court for false report to law enforcement agencies about future terrorist attack at the Olympic Games in

U.S. citizen Lawrence Reinhard appear in court for false report to law enforcement agencies about future terrorist attack at the Olympic Games in SochiAmerican called the FBI, accusing his own stepson explosions in preparation for the Olympics, but later denied what was said.

Reinhard called the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a drunken state, according to Reuters. American authorities told employees that overheard her stepson on Skype, during which he allegedly said several threats about killing people in Russia, as well as preparing attacks on the U.S. embassy in the Russian Federation and the Olympic facilities.

Furthermore Reinhard claimed to have seen on the computer screen her stepson instructions for making bombs and asked him to find him before he “does something terrible in Russia.” American argued that his step-son had arrived at that time in Russia.

A few days before the call Reinhard also informed the police that the house lost value, weapons and cash.

Shortly after treatment in American FBI officials began to investigate. Accused stepfather in the preparation of explosions and theft of a young man was wanted by the U.S. authorities informed the Russian side about the threat of terrorist attack.

From that moment, Reinhard began to flounder in the testimony and admitted that no explicit threats of his life was not, and he owns the Russian language well enough. As a result, he admitted that before you call the FBI “a little drunk,” and said that the transcript call untrue.

At the same time, law enforcement officers questioned the very stepson Reinhard, who left the United States only on January 17. It turned out that in Russia young man was going to visit a sick grandfather and then return to the U.S., as in Pennsylvania his business. All charges, including theft and threats, he denied, explaining that their relationship with the stepfather poor.

With regard Reinhard brought a criminal case. He was arrested on February 6, but released on bail of 100 thousand dollars. By court order, he had to attend a psychiatric clinic and check with the psychiatrist. It is expected that soon he will be indicted. The case is in federal court in Pennsylvania.

Probably Reinhard decided to blame the unloved stepchild of preparing terrorist attack in Sochi on the background risen before the Olympics hype about the level of security at the Olympics and possible terrorist attacks.

In the summer of 2013 the network has a video message from the famous leader of the North Caucasus Islamist militant Doku Umarov, in which he urged his supporters to make every effort to prevent the holding of the Olympic Games 2014. For this reason, the preparation for the Games was held amid concerns about maintaining security and possible terrorist attacks.

In January 2014 the U.S. State Department said the Americans were going to visit the Olympic Games in Sochi, the difficulties and dangers of traveling by releasing a special memo, which was highlighted the threat of terrorism.

Rumors about possible terrorist attacks warmed wanted posters of several suicide bombers have appeared in hotels of Sochi in mid-January. About leaflets with portraits of women in hijabs also told Western media, arguing about whether or not the Olympics so big risk human lives.

Besides the national Olympic committees of several European countries received letters in Russian and English with threats of a terrorist nature. In the Russian Olympic Committee was advised not to pay attention to these provocative messages.

Nevertheless Games are safe, as they say, and guests of the Olympiad.”Regarding security had some questions. But here I felt seconds at risk to go somewhere, you need to pass three times checkpoints” – admitted the manager of the American home in the Olympic Park and a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee AJ Torkovich.

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