Allison Tolman: “In the world of Fargo nothing is sacred”

Attention interview contains spoilers! In the crime drama Fargo, where almost all the screen time given to men, Allison Tolman, performing the role of a

Attention interview contains spoilers! 

In the crime drama Fargo, where almost all the screen time given to men, Allison Tolman, performing the role of a cop responsible Solverson Molly,has become a real decoration. Through this charming actress and her uncompromising heroine gloomy tangled drama gives viewers finally plunge into the atmosphere of hopelessness and impunity. 

In an interview with the resource TVRage Tolman said that Molly is waiting in the future and how will develop its relations with the klutz Gus Grimley (Colin Hanks).

Recall that in the sixth episode of Molly accidentally was shot his colleague, thereby Gus and the audience stayed for a while in the dark as to whether it will remain alive. And in the seventh series, we found her in the hospital in satisfactory condition, full of desire to continue the investigation. 

With regard to relations with Gus, the actress said the following: “In the beginning it will be a little uncomfortable to be around him. Will be some time before they can get rid of the embarrassment. True, and funny moments in their communication will be a lot … “. One of these oddities, apparently, we can assume their conversation about the spleen, which Gus “owed” Molly. 

According to Ellison, the fact that her character survived, does not mean that for her in this show, all will end well: “In the world of” Fargo “nothing is sacred … Besides barely budding relationship with Gus will now be overshadowed by this unfortunate incident. Molly also upset because her physical condition will impede the investigation, because she used to go to the end, and then the situation was out of her control. “ Indeed, while she was unconscious, Leicester (Martin Freeman)Framed brother and stopped including the main suspect.

Returning to the relationship Molly and Gus Tolman says her favorite scene with them, viewers will see in the eighth episode of the show: “This is a very special moment for the couple, as if existing in a separated space from the outside world.According to the scenario, we all talk a lot, so you may as well just sit alone and keep silence … “. 

On the question of what a character trait like Allison in her character the most, the actress replied: “A sense of duty. That’s it, and not desire to seem smarter than everyone else, moves it. Molly does not want personal gain or fame, she simply understands that no one but her, not able to bring this matter to an end. It seems particularly attractive because of this trait. “ 

Of course, the first time Allison was afraid of comparisons with Frances McDormand, starred in the original film, the Coen brothers. But over time, these fears were dispelled. “You can see for yourself – we all have proved that our heroes”Fargo “do not copy the characters of this cult picture. We managed to hold parallels between them, not pushing their heads together. So in a sense, at this stage of the show, all the actors have got rid of the pressure of responsibility to the original film,“- said confidently Tolman. 

And finally, the actress paid tribute to the brilliant play of Martin Freeman: “It’s incredible how he manages to go from one emotion to another spectrum! Martin is doing a fantastic job making our editors suffer because they can not choose what parts of the footage material to include in the series. “

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