Alexa Vega: “My character – a mixture of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy”

Possible spoilers! Alexa Vega, the guest star of the serial "The Tomorrow People", spoke about her character, her rivalry with Stephen and the new TV show

Tomorrow People Alexa Vega 00

Tomorrow People Alexa Vega 00

Possible spoilers!

Alexa Vega, the guest star of the serial “The Tomorrow People”, spoke about her character, her rivalry with Stephen and the new TV show storyline.

Tell us about your hero.

 Jedikiah decides to hold a selection of new agents ‘Ultra’ and ready ability to deprive those who did not pass. He promises to place only the best candidate, increasing the degree of competition. My heroine, Hillary, becomes one of the candidates for the vacant seat. She’d better not get caught by the arm, because it without hesitation eliminate any obstacle to his goal. None of the opponents can not predict its next move. Once they think that they can trust her, Hillary will be ready to stick a knife in the back competitors. I would describe it as a mixture of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. She is very smart, but it is dominated by dark character traits. Hillary regret once their rivals, because the cost of failure is too high.

Hillary will be the main rival Stephen?

Yes, it will be a new plan Jedikiah surprise. Still less is it to expect that he will compete with the girl. My character will be closely watching him, studying his weaknesses. Steven makes a mistake, and it will try to use it against him. Steven does not know yet that it be trifled with. Hillary terribly annoying that her rival becomes Jedikiah nephew …

Hillary will meet with other people outside the walls of the future “ultra”?

In the next series of such meetings should not be expected, because it will be completely absorbed by an assignment Jedikiah. Hillary will seek weaknesses of its competitors, because in the moment of its first appearance on the screen, she knows about them too little.

Kara headed to another camp. Who would come out the winner in a fight two girls?

Hard to say. Kara’s many positive attributes that allow it to be an excellent role model for viewers. I want to say that the good must overcome evil, but sometimes antagonists do not know that they are doing poorly. It’s a tough choice. I can say that Hillary is ruthless and will not shy away from a fight. Cara plays by the rules, and my character would use the entire arsenal of dirty tricks. I think that it will be able to emerge victorious from any fight. Peyton List gorgeous job with the creation of the image of a strong woman. If I had not played the role of Hillary, it would hurt for the Karoo.

On how many episodes you linger in the series?

I can not disclose this information. Let me just say that I am still in Vancouver and continued to shoot.

Will the next series to reveal the nature of Hillary?

Sure. “The Tomorrow People” like me is the fact that in each subsequent episode, viewers can learn a lot about the characters. Hillary will be no exception, and I’ll be waiting eagerly scenarios of future episodes. Viewers will be interested to know why it has become such a ruthless and brutal. However, all the time. Soon, fans of the series will receive a new piece of information about Aaron and his parents Stephen.

But succumbs Hillary to the charms of Stephen ?

Hillary does not care about Stephen. And it is this it is similar to Hermione, who was focused on his studies and was deprived of normal communication with peers because of his desire to be the best. Hillary does not feel affection for others. I hope that someone will help her change.

How did you get the role in the series?

Robbie Amell we’ve worked together. I love the “The Tomorrow People”, but because he told me that the producers of the series looking for an actress to perform a very interesting role. I liked that Hillary different from those characters that I’ve played before. I watched part of the footage and do not recognize myself. It would be great rival Stephen.

Spectators will be happy another strong female character.

Steep heroine need each series. I sincerely hope that the fans of the “The Tomorrow People” like Hillary, and they will wait for the new series with my participation.

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