7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

This Portugal archipelago halfway between Europe and the United States is more like New Zealand than the Mediterranean resorts.

7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

You can find a lot of reasons that helped Spain to enter the top five tourist destinations. This country is not only contributed to European culture, but also wins the beauty at first sight. Therefore, most of the tourists are sure to go to Spain, they know enough about the Iberian Peninsula. And there is still Portugal – a country with a distinctive atmosphere. Than it can attract travelers and what it is better than neighboring Spain?

Portugal – the most westerly of the southern European countries, which also owns the Azores island lost in the Atlantic Ocean. All this is making Portugal more exotic country in Southern Europe, and promises a very different travel experience. The coolness from the ocean affects the Portuguese climate: it is more “fresh” than on other shores of the Mediterranean. Off the coast of Spain, the country is characterized by a mystical capes, windswept. For example, Cape Roca in ancient times was considered the point where the Earth. Then – only the ocean and the unknown. So the Portuguese saw the world to their geographical discoveries. It started from the Rock path navigators and that this is the westernmost point in Europe.

Holiday in Portugal profitable

7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

While in Spain, believed to be the price please tourists, in Portugal they are even lower. Moreover, the lowest in Western Europe. Even 5-star hotels in the major tourist areas take 25-50% less than in Spain. A dinner at nice restaurants (including places of the capital) can afford and budget traveler. In a small cafe full meal will cost 7 euros.

More for less – to go to the local markets, where the fish can be bought for € 5 (1 kg).

Portuguese gastronomy is more diverse

Spanish tapas are now a global trend, but the paella heard each. But even the Spaniards admit that Portugal cuisine is more diverse. Moreover, it stands out the simplicity that stands out against the background of heavy Spanish dishes. Spaniards tend to confuse everything, while the Portuguese – fans of subtlety and a healthy diet. Even a hearty always make a plate of vegetable salad. Portugal, though small, but is divided into regions, each of which is known for its dishes. Moving from town to town, it seems that you find yourself in another country. A local wines are not only high quality – they are surprisingly cheap.

7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

If set, tells whether the local population in English, it is better to choose Portugal. Older people and young people here have at least a basic understanding. English in Portugal, taught not only in schools. In this country, many of the films broadcast with subtitles. That’s why local residents more speaking practice. But in Spain, according to statistics, and the opinion of the tourists, 70% just do not understand the foreigner.

Portugal more compact

Good does not happen a lot – this rule again confirmed in Portugal. Being compact and diverse country, it has its advantages over Spain. The latter is probably the most diverse country in the Mediterranean. Andalusia is completely different from the Basque Country and Galicia – to Catalonia. Spain to Portugal four times, so a couple of weeks it can not be studied in detail. But Portugal with the same variety of landscapes, contrasts and cultural attractions will require less time for study.

7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

Tourists can begin the journey to the port, and a few hours to be relaxing beaches of the Algarve.

The climate of Portugal – its advantage

Many of the major Spanish cities located far from the coast, have an unpredictable climate. The same summer, Madrid suffers from extreme heat and winter freezes-zero temperatures at night. In Portugal, even in the coldest months do not get too cold. Country warm south wind, and the sun in the summer breeze from the Atlantic Ocean makes the heat less tangible than in Spain.

On the Portuguese islands of mass tourism has not made ​​its own adjustments

7 reasons to go to Portugal instead of Spain

Canary or Balearic Islands are a beautiful and popular Spanish lands for recreation. But something quite different offer Azores. This Portuguese archipelago halfway between Europe and the United States is more like New Zealand than the Mediterranean resorts. There is no mass tourism, which helped to keep the magical atmosphere and idyllic scenery. The Azores do not expect targeting tourists and infrastructure. They come here, those who had seen a lot and needs to be quiet. Travellers in the Azores go diving, fishing or just devote time beaches. And also watch the whales, admire the volcanoes and try dishes, freshly taken from the volcanic fire.

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