5 unbanal things that should be done in Fiji

February 6, 1643 the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered the archipelago of Fiji. In honor of this event, we will talk about what to do in this popular

February 6, 1643 the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman discovered the archipelago of Fiji. In honor of this event, we will talk about what to do in this popular tourist destination, remember to stay here forever.

The climate on the islands relatively comfortable year round, but the best option would be a visit to the archipelago in June-July. At this time there is pretty cool and dry. Unfortunately, the period of the most comfortable stay in Fiji and coincides with the peak tourist activity. If you like to lie on the beach alone and do not like to queue at the bar, it is better to choose winter-spring months when tourists are not so much. However, all the time will be pouring rain, and the temperature – stay near thirty degrees, but in this weather in Fiji have something to do.

Become the first visitor of a unique resort “Poseidon”

“Poseidon” – it is an underwater resort (the only one of its kind), which allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful views of deep and see life underwater inhabitants. Right now, “Poseidon” is impossible to visit, since it is not quite ready to receive guests construction going on for five years, but the opening is expected in 2014. It’s an amazing place covers an area of ​​about 255 hectares and has a length of about one and a half kilometers. For those who wish to obtain an unusual experience, will be able to be arranged for the night in an underwater hotel and woke up to admire the deep views. Resort “Poseidon” separates from the surface about thirty feet of water, and it is surrounded by a picturesque lagoon. Also, the hotel provides its plunge visitors a rich library, a cozy living room and a conference room. There are also two treatment rooms, underwater spa and even a wedding chapel for those who decide to get married without going ashore. One of the most interesting moments of the creators of “Poseidon” refers to the ability to learn to fly a passenger Triple bathyscaphe. Your personal driver will teach you and your companion skills necessary to explore the lagoon Poseidon, in whose honor and named the resort. More information can be found on the link http://www.poseidonresorts.com/ . On the official website is also available in a selection of photos and have the ability to stay “on the bottom.” Cost, I must say, impressive: about thirty thousand dollars for a week of rest.

Walk in a public place without a shirt and shoes


Fiji – one of the few states where the walk in is not the most tourist places such as supermarkets, are possible without shoes and outerwear. Nobody will look askance at you and talk about your immorality. Furthermore, even in the most crowded places is always very clean, so you can not worry on that account that step on broken glass or someone butt. If you’ve always wanted to walk barefoot, but shy or squeamish, you should not miss this opportunity in Fiji. And nowhere is clothes! Fiji always warm.

Plunge into the mud pool in Sabetha


Sabet – one of the most cheap and cheerful rides in the archipelago. Huge swimming pool with warm mud from thermal springs – what could be better? Doctors say that it is a perfect place for the prevention of almost all known diseases and simply improves the tone and mood. Since the mud pool is in the mountain range Sabet, here you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. The only thing that tourists complain – not the most comfortable dressing room, but then the game itself is pretty extreme, so to complain about such trifles. Especially children like these baths, because you can with impunity blow our filthy hands for several years ahead. However, there is one thing that tourists should know: some dirt may seem too hot, so better to go early or late in the evening when the temperature of the swirling gray mass will be lower.

Walk on coals


Another hot entertainment for the more adventurous tourists – walking on hot coals. The tradition of walking on coals in Fiji was born on one of the islands – Bo – and annually attracts hundreds of brave souls there. I must say that walking on coals – it’s completely safe event, despite the fact that it seems pretty risky. Yes, some people do get burned, but not because they do not believe in something supernatural: they just do not follow the instructions of your instructor. The hardest part of walking on coals – decide to take the first step. Coals are trained, the feet are treated specially solution, so that fear in general, there is nothing, but still incredibly scary, and few dare to set foot in the end on a hot trail.

Visit Fiji Museum


Fiji Museum tells the story of the indigenous population of the archipelago, and its many exhibits are aged about four thousand years – such antiquity can be seen in a few museums in the world. Most unusual exposure can be called an exhibition of shoes. From the first pair of shoes exhibited here, is quite a sad story: Englishman Thomas Baker-tourist eaten by a shark and the only thing left of it – the shoes that put in the museum. On the official website of the museum you can learn more, and also look at almost all of these art exhibits.

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