5 most interesting attractions of Iran

Iran, many associated only with war, terrorism and sharia, but in this country there are a huge number of amazing places that could become a real tourist

Iran, many associated only with war, terrorism and sharia, but in this country there are a huge number of amazing places that could become a real tourist hits. On top of them – in our collection.

Cave Mountain of the Sun (as translated from the unpronounceable name Gar-e-Katale Khor) was discovered by cavers, explore the surrounding villages Garmab only in 1965. Scientists claim: the longest cave of Iran was born in those days, when the legendary Gondwanaland and Laurasia sverhkontinenty that split apart, we created a map of the known world. Amazing cave stretched in 400 km from Tehran, has seven levels and conceals in its depths many stalactites, stalagmites and even the remains of ancient people. Endless corridors hung with crystal hangings, like a labyrinth of the Minotaur: some of them lead to the picturesque galleries, decorated to look like a wedding banquet halls, and others suddenly end in steep cliffs. Although prior to 1970 led to the cave tiny hole, suitable only for small animals, now there are all conditions for tourists. Kilometer route travelers equipped with steel scaffolding and railings, and unusual stone sculptures created over millions of years by Mother Nature, illuminated colored illumination.

Cave Ghar-e-Katale Khor


How many different eras have seen wonderful land remains Lorestan. It housed the state of Elam and Babylonian kingdom, to build bridges, forts and Zoroastrian temples. Many monuments of bygone days have survived to our times. As three thousand years ago, stands in the capital Huramabad old fortress Falak al Aflak and connect banks disintegrated by Luristan rivers ancient as the world and bridges. But the experience of a unique historical heritage soon fades into the background, giving way to the delight of the incredible beauty of Iranian nature.


Lorestan, studded with lakes and waterfalls, is not like most of the arid Asian country. Be sure to buy a ticket on the train, slowly creeping from Tehran to the Persian Gulf, and prepare the camera: Enjoy an unforgettable journey. One has only to emerge from the tunnels running through the mountains, before the eyes open and deep gorges, mountain streams, shining in the sun, the amazing peaks of the surrounding peaks, caves with ancient stalactites, waterfalls, cutting through the bright green, and the centuries-old bridges. No wonder that for hundreds of years live here and natives of Iran – nomads.



Austan Kerman, lying far away from all the tourist routes, has not many attractions and boasts important archaeological finds. But here are opened completely different facets of Iran unavailable in Tehran and Isfahan cultivated. In Kerman, nobody speaks in English and almost no visitors, and the only way to explain to the mysterious Baloch is sign language. There is still working, as in the Middle Ages, a colorful bazaar, filled with aromas of spices and unusual marvelous Europeans eat, and the voices of the muezzins calling to serve in the great mosque – the main attractions of Iran. After leaving the capital to stay, take a look at the mysterious Rayon – a ghost town, no doubt, worth attention. Lost in the background mountains abandoned settlement worthy of a scene for a movie about a post-apocalyptic future, a special atmosphere of silence and mystery. Here tourists will not find annoying or noisy traders, and the absolute silence of the ruins left from the once seething life of houses, broken only by the cries of birds flying by.



Legend has it that Thaddeus, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, bringing the Word of God to the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Arabia, Armenia and Syria, found his death in Armenia. According to tradition, his remains were buried there, where there is now an important Christian relic – Armenian monastery of St. Thaddeus. It is not known when on a mountain ridge 20 kilometers from the Mac was built the first temple – some researchers attribute it to the ’68 BC, others date back to the fourth century. More than once he became a victim of the elements, and earthquakes, the last of which happened in the 14th century, the monastery erased with a face of the earth. The new sanctuary of St. Thaddeus, built in the century that followed, it became a real fortress carved into the rock. Its thick walls able to withstand any siege, and drilled wells provide water to ease the monastery and he owned arable land. Now the temple is not valid, and within it held only one service – prayer, dedicated to Saint Thaddeus (scheduled for July 4-6, 2014). Recently monastery pleased believers good news: soon to be published documents stored for centuries in its archives.



Many religions profess inhabitants of modern Iran: in addition to Shiite Muslims and Sunnis make up the vast majority of the population, there are Christians, Jews and Hindus, and even Zoroastrians. A small part of the adherents of the ancient tradition of the deification of fire, managed to survive the Muslim conquest, and retained their rites and beliefs from the time of ancient Persia, settled on the land area and Yazd (Yazd). Intricate ancient streets of this wonderful city, built over three thousand years BC, made of mud brick houses and fences, and the role of air conditioning and ventilation systems operate wind towers “badgir.” Muslim “Taqiyya”, a mixture of mosques mausoleums, intended for the remembrance of Imam Hossein, side by side with the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence – hills, which leaves the top predators feast on the body of deceased fire-worshipers. A special place among the attractions is the temple of Yazd ateshkads fire which burns with 470 years and carved into the rock sanctuary of Pir-e-Sabz, famous healing spring and ancient tree, which grew out of the Zoroastrian holy Nikbanu canes.

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