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January 30, 1951, died Ferdinand Porsche - creator of the legendary "Beetle", menacing super-heavy tanks, and of course, luxury Porsche. Today we tell

January 30, 1951, died Ferdinand Porsche – creator of the legendary “Beetle”, menacing super-heavy tanks, and of course, luxury Porsche. Today we tell about museums devoted most extravagant his offspring and himself.

Private Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, Austria


Scenic alpine meadows with grazing cows peacefully, though descended from the frame advertising, medieval streets c old as the world, churches, town halls and cozy lovely town squares – seemingly ordinary Austrian town, which hundreds. But no: Gmund known fact that from 1944 to 1950 it housed the Design Bureau Porsche. It is here, in the town mill, son of Ferdinand Porsche built the first prototype was a two-door rear-wheel drive sports 356 th Porsche, and here were made the first fifty of these legendary machines. Still in Zuffenhausen worth the same wooden shed where they were born first sports avtolegendy. A May 18, 1982 there was opened the world’s only private car museum “Porsche”. The collection includes 45 magnificent specimens of the company, from here built Porsche 356 020 ALU to the famous racing models, noted for “Gran Turismo.” The museum, located in a small two-story building, not just demonstrates legendary cars: posters, won awards, interesting descriptions, photo and video archives to reconstruct the history of the past. Collection created by Helmut Fayhofer says: “When I was young and studied with his sons Porsche designers, I dreamed about a great car – to sleep with thoughts of him and woke up with them. Simple hobby grew into life, it was only a matter of time. ” From mid-May to mid-October, a private museum “Porsche” is open from 9 to 18 hours, and in the rest of the year – from 10 to 16.

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany


The first museum in the car “Porsche” started its work at the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany in 1976. The exhibition, located in a former automobile engine-shop, occupied 620 square meters. m and consisted of several dozen exhibits. Because of limited space, only 20 of them put up for free review of visitors. This modest number of items from the most important milestones in the history of the automobile could not convey the importance of the works of Ferdinand Porsche, and did not save a huge amount of documentary films about the company. In 2004, heeding the pleas of disgruntled fans Porsche, the board decided to build a new factory museum complex – the same unusual and distinctive as the cars leaving the conveyor. In January 2009, the museum, which cost 100 million euros, opened wide its doors to crowds of astonished motorists. Art building resembles fine iron horses hidden in its depths, it seems that it hovers in the air, resisting force of Earth’s gravity as easily as cars Porsche compete with the wind. On the territory of the Stuttgart Museum, which occupies 56,000 square meters already. m, today is four and a half hundreds of exhibits. Eight dozen cars, from the first Porsche 356 and 356 SL Coupe 1950 Release able to develop a speed of 160 km / h, up to date Porshe 997, reaching 320 km / h, are in full working order and even take part in races and automobile race. Institution operates from 9 to 18 hours every day, except Monday.

Ferdinand Porsche Museum in Vratislavitse nad Nisou, Czech Republic


Just a few days ago, the world had spread joyful news for motorists: in the suburbs of the North Bohemian town of Liberec called Vratislavitse nad Nisou will soon open another Porsche Museum. It is in this small town September 3, 1875 in the family of the Sudeten Germans, who owned a repair shop, and was born the famous designer who gave the world the great cars. At home Ferdinand has had an exhibition dedicated to his creations, it was placed in the local cultural center. But in 2013, 150 local activists appealed to the authorities to remove the petition from all connection with the mention of the illustrious founder of the car company Porsche because of the Nazi past. The exhibition turned quickly, and three vintage car exhibited at her, were taken by representatives of the plant. However, less than a year, as the owner of the brewery vratislavitskoy Milan Bumba launched a new campaign – almost three times more residents asked to return to the city, the memory of his famous native, creating a new museum. According to the plans Bumba, Ferdinand Porsche Museum in Vratislavitse nad Nisou will open its doors in a few months, Labor Day – May 1. After the parade the most popular cars in history – colorful “Zhukov” – a collection of vintage automobiles, already available in the possession of the brewer activist turns into a museum complex.

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