11 best cities for relocation

All of us sooner or later, think about moving to another city or even country. The reasons for this may be many: the desire to change the situation,

All of us sooner or later, think about moving to another city or even country. The reasons for this may be many: the desire to change the situation, financial difficulties, insecurity or a dream to see the world.

One of the largest and best-known consulting companies PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) has compiled a list of 30 cities around the world that are most attractive for relocation. PwC commended them on criteria such as infrastructure, health, security, economic situation and ease of doing business. We chose 11 cities from the top of the list and highlight features of each of them.



Advantages: public transportation and security.

Anyone who has ever visited Berlin, know that it has an extensive subway network, which is notable for its cleanliness and convenience. Berlin is also safe for tourists.Many corporations, such as Google, SoundCloud, etc., open more offices in Berlin. Therefore, the city is often referred to as a European Silicon Valley.

In last year’s list PwC Berlin occupied 16th place in the same year he moved to 12th.



Advantages: quality of life and air.

Chicago – is one of the largest cities in the United States. Its population is 3,000,000 people. The list PwC Chicago among the top ten because of the ease of doing business, quality of life and air.

However, all is not well. Transport system and infrastructure to be finished.Chicago government has already allocated several billion to repair city water, school and municipal institutions. But such global projects take time.



Advantages: climate, nature.

Sydney advantages are obvious. We’ve all heard about Australia, its wonderful nature, beaches and fauna. By PwC Sydney won 1st place in the quality of life and livability. As for the other indicators, such as the financial situation, infrastructure and culture, Sydney is also held on the ball and has virtually no weaknesses.

The only drawback – it is housing prices. As in all of Australia, they are very large.For example, renting a studio apartment in Sydney will cost approximately $ 2,000 per month.

Daily costs in this city is 16% higher than the world average. This puts Sydney on the 12th place in the list of most expensive cities in the world.

Hong Kong


Advantages: quality of life, transportation, low business taxes.

Despite the incredible population density, Hong Kong is ranked 5th in the world in life expectancy. Transport system in Hong Kong is not satisfactory – about 90% of daily movements committed by public transport.

Hong Kong ranked 1st place in terms of economic freedom through low taxes on business and competently constructed financial market. PwC Hong Kong as the 2nd place for ease of doing business.

Hong Kong disadvantages: pollution, air quality.



Advantages: promoting IT-sphere, purity.

Stockholm – one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Due to a policy of promoting the IT-industry, appeared in Stockholm, companies such as Spotify and DICE Games (released Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, and other well-known computer and console games).

Ulla Hamilton, Vice Mayor of Stockholm on innovation, in an interview with PwC said that the city is trying every way to help IT-companies, as it is for the industry future.

Stockholm is very clean and green city. Developed transportation system, clean water and a special heating system to help maintain order.

The only drawback of Stockholm are immigrants, which has recently become more and more.



Advantages: education, transport system.

Paris is famous for its libraries, universities, and high levels of education, taking 1st place in the ranking of the most educated cities.

Paris is also famous for its transport system. 14 Metro lines, regional trains and separate lanes for buses – all this makes the public transportation in Paris on his head is higher than in other cities.

Of the minuses can allocate expensive housing, traffic jams and the unemployment rate, which is slightly higher than normal.



Benefits: IT-sphere, innovation.

Third of all investments that come to the United States, receives Silicon Valley, which is located in San Francisco. This part of the city, which differs a large concentration of IT-corporations. Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe – this is only a small part of the companies whose offices are located here.

Despite the fact that, by PwC San Francisco is not the most expensive city, every year it is becoming more expensive. This causes many to move to the suburbs.



Advantages: standard of living, health, infrastructure, transport, security.

Despite the scandal kokainozavisimym mayor, which occurred in 2012, Toronto is one of the best cities to live. He is in the top three for quality of life, safety and infrastructure that makes it a desirable city long move.

In the ranking of Toronto public transport takes 1st place in the world. A rating of congestion – 13th (the higher the position, the worse).



Advantages: ease of doing business, public transport.

Singapore has an incredible transport system, which is based on high-speed trains. In its report, PwC notes that Singapore every year gets better for life, gradually correcting all its drawbacks.



Advantages: stable economy, ease of doing business, transportation and infrastructure.

The list PwC New York is the second city to welcome the move. Strong position of New York provided the ease of doing business, developed transport system and infrastructure of the city is wonderful.

Compared with other cities, New York is relatively cheap to stay. but the cost of rental housing is very high and second only two cities in the world.



Benefits: IT, ease of doing business, and transport.

By PwC London won the 1st place, which makes it the most desirable city for relocation. Government strongly promotes business development and IT-industry.A recent project of the Ministry of Communications has access virtually all London schools.

The transport system is not satisfactory. Famous double-decker buses run according to the schedule listed on the stops. A super-fast train can take you to Paris in a few hours.

London – one of the richest cities in the world. This is both good and bad. For example, the number of billionaires in London than in any other city, which of course is good, but only for them.

Many residents complain that the city is becoming too expensive even for the working class. Also worth noting is a large number of immigrants who require the employer less money, thus taking away jobs from Alaska.

I would be interested to know what took place in the ranking of Moscow, Kiev and other major cities of the former Soviet Union. Of course, in the first thirty of them to do nothing. Unfortunately, PwC no other studies on this topic.

But according to research by Legatum Institute, Russia and Ukraine occupy 61th and 64th places respectively in the ranking of the standard of living, behind countries such as Sri Lanka, Mexico, Jamaica and Kuwait. With detailed research and rating can be found here . It is worth noting that the Legatum Institue – is an independent and non-profit organization, so no reason to disbelieve them, I do not see.

I already want to move. And you?

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