10 financial innovations that are changing the world

Speculations about the future payment technologies are often reduced to the topic Bitcoin . Despite the rapid increase in the cost and increase the number

Speculations about the future payment technologies are often reduced to the topic Bitcoin . Despite the rapid increase in the cost and increase the number kriptovalyuty retailers who take it for payment, Bitcoins have not been able to be established in people’s everyday lives.

What can be said about these 10 companies and products that are already changing views on the conduct of Finance as the poor and small business owners.

1) Imagine a service that ” allows you to quickly, easily and securely make and receive payments ” , which its inventors call ” the best alternative calculations using cash, checks and credit cards , trips to the bank and from the bank and waiting in long lines at processing payments. ” Looks like Bitcoin , is not it? No, it’s not about him. This Nigerian mobile payment service Paga, the number of users which in November exceeded one million.

2 ) M-Pesa – Kenyan version is Paga. More than 50% of the adult population use this service to send money to relatives , pay for purchases , utility bill or taxi services. Currently, this service is also in India, South Africa, Tanzania and even Afghanistan.

3) Apologists Bitcoins would say kriptovalyuta indispensable for people without access to banking services , as well as for those who do not have access to them. InVenture is dealing with this problem by creating a standardized system for assessing the creditworthiness of 2.7 billion people worldwide who fall into this category . Users pay a daily income and expenses in InVenture. These figures are substituted into the formula, and the end result is then passed to the creditors.

4) Metro New York is full of advertising Venmo ( for which starred employee Lucas ) . Venmo quickly and without worries send payments via mobile phone via text message .

5 ) Splitwise often used in conjunction Venmo. Imagine that you have gone for a week in a picturesque national park ” Kvetiko ” in Ontario canoeing with five of your closest friends. Each of the rowers paid for my part of the trip at different times, so that everyone has the money to someone else. Splitwise help to solve this.

6 ) Cover allows you to plan your bill for dinner at a restaurant with a large company , so that you do not have to organize the Congress of Vienna to share everything . Service similar to Splitwise, but for those who eat out . You do not even have to wait for a check – restaurant just connect to Cover, when you place the order.

7) Browser Business Insider Dylan Love recently named Simple – startup to replace the banks – ” as simple as the iPhone”, adding that he had changed his view of the maintenance budget , so now Love warmly recommend this service to all your friends . The company Business Insider offers a withdrawal from an ATM without the commission , as well as free tools to check your balance , organize receipts , sorting and categorizing purchases.

8) Many call Ripple most ambitious project of the presented . The company wants to change the way digital transmission in the Internet all forms of money , including Bitcoins , by creating a new and cheaper payment mechanism, which will replace the existing method of all bank transfers.

9 ) Stripe helps startups such as Foursquare and App.net, create convenient payment interfaces for their websites and mobile applications. Now the company Stripe conducts its expansion in Europe.

10 ) Service Balanced – this competitor Stripe, which also allows a single site to interact with a large number of customers to make payments. Some consider a simplified version of Balanced Stripe, because for the first record only enough of the service provider , while the second requires all its customers.

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